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Sold 03-200 School Bus Yellow for Neon Yellow Version

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Have the earlier school bus yellow version of 03-200 offer up in exchange, for the neon yellow variant of 03-200.
Either have an unworn complete example in exchange for an equal condition neon variant.
Otherwise if someone has a bare frame Neon Yellow they'd trade for my lightly used School Bus as a bare frame only we can do a frame for frame exchange.

If someone has a frame to offer in exchange I'll happily provide additional photos w/o lenses, but I don't feel like removing the Ruby's if I don't need to. I could provide the original fires, although from what I recall left lens had a ding on it.
With the exception of the Ptolemy Pattern STPL Frogskins I'm not interested in any other frogs. May consider other offers for the unworn example.


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