nose bridge

  1. CarolMichelleRose

    Oakley STRAIGHT (not jacket) nose pieces

    Seeking!!!! So my husband has some Oakley’s that are his absolute favorite and he was missing a nose rubber. I took them into the local Oakley Vault and had the lenses swapped out and he took the nose piece off and went to replace it with two NEW pieces and the straight jacket rubbers are...
  2. W

    To mod (narrow) Sutro nose piece

    Impressed with the Sutro design ! but I hv a low nose bridge , even w Asian fit nose pads , my eye lashes still scrapping the lenses . Any advice how we my mod or add a nose pad to Sutro's Unobtanium nose piece ? Appreciate much !
  3. G

    Oakley Juliet Loose Nose Bridge

    Hi all, I’m new to the group so firstly hello. I have a couple of pairs of Oakley Juliets and 1 set has a very loose nose bridge / lense connection so I’m guessing it needs repinning? I’m based in the UK so any suggestions on best repair option? Thank you,
  4. Damascusdude

    What in the Holy Shnikies is happening to me ?

    So this happened recently ... I think I’ve stepped across into the beginning of the Promise Land ...
  5. E

    Madman nose bridge sizes

    Just picked up a pair of Madman polarized sunglasses on ebay. They dont really fit my fat nose. Are different sized nose bridges available. I LOVE these glasses and i hope i can fit them to me. This is my first post and second pair of Oakleys
  6. U

    Buying Radarlock xl nose bridge

    I bought a radarlock xl black iridium lens long time ago..i first thought it was a pitch lens so I bought it.. I had no idea about that there was an Xl version of radarlock ... Now the problem is it doesn't fit my Cavendish radarlocks... So I really need a radarlock xl nose anyone...
  7. supersharp

    How loose is too loose?

    When it comes to nose-bridges on the X-Metal family. How loose is too loose? At what point do you feel like they need to be tuned up. Just curious because before joining and acquiring many frames here, the only experience with X-Metals that I had was with the one's I purchased new. That...