nose pad

  1. oakky

    Q: EVZero Path OO9313 vs OO9308

    I know that the EVZero Path OO9313 (Asian Fit/Low Nose Bridge) comes with two nose pads, and I think the extra one is the Regular Fit/High Nose Bridge one. Is the OO9308 the same, but the only difference being the Regular Fit/High Nose Bridge nose pad that is preinstalled, while the Asian...
  2. BillHarris

    Nose pads for Milestone OX8038-0152

    Hello All, can I buy nose pads for Milestone OX8038-0152 anywhere? Google search didn't bring much up and my opticians fitted an awful pair
  3. U

    For Sale Price Drop: 15 nose pieces for water jacket

    I have a bag with 15 nose pieces for water jacket. Usd $300 ($20 each) + Shipping (Aprox. $50 - $60) Selling all together because the shipping is expensive from my country.
  4. U

    Buying c6 nosepads

    Seems one of the damn things fell off.. replacement suggestions or OEM. thanks!
  5. U

    Buying WTB - Racing/Split Jacket Earsock and Nose Pad Kit

    Hey guys. I'm looking for Earsock and Nose Pad Kit to give some extra life to my Split Jacket. I have a US address. I tried but I could not buy on oakley web site and I use a redirect service address. The problem is that do not accept the service address. They said I have to use a...
  6. U

    Buying Scalpel Earsocks and Nose pads

    Hey guys. Can anyone help me? I'm looking for Scalpel black earsocks and nose pads to give some extra life to my frames. Here is the only image fo the rubber kit that I've found on internet. I have a US address.
  7. Rhymes

    Radar fit on face...??

    I recently bought my first pair of radars and the first day I wore them everything felt perfect and I was I love. ...But now everything I put them on, I'm having a hard time getting used to the nose piece. It just won't sit right for some reason and I'm not sure if I'm trying to sit them to...
  8. B

    Crosshair S (original) nose pad upgrade

    Since breaking my nose a few years back in a nasty mountain biking accident, I've found my beloved Crosshairs have felt uncomfortable on one side of the nose. I got quite excited when I found out that latest versions had air filled pads, but sadly these won't fit on original frames. So I...
  9. W

    Replace C-wire Nose Pad?

    Just need some help replacing a lost nose pad on my C-wires. All the kits i see are snap on and this is a silicon press "in" type. Thanks for any help, Jim