1. U

    For Sale  Ichiro Emerald Tshox and nosebombs

    Selling extra sets of 2 Tshox and 2 nosebombs = 4 pieces You can choose the size you need between 15 Tshox or 25 Tshox and Large or small nosebombs All sets are brand new / never worn $35 $30 per set Shipped CONUS
  2. cacatman

    🦘Compatible Rubbers, Lenses & Icons Between Models

    Updated 17th April, 2022 by @cacatman If you have any information about compatibility, please leave a comment! Use the control-F/command-F key (Mac) to find the pair you're looking for. There should only be one listing for each model. If there are multiple models the models are listed in...
  3. U

    Buying  Scar nosebombs

    I realize this is a long shot but any chance somebody has some scar nosebombs they'd be willing to sell?