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šŸ¦˜Compatible Rubbers, Lenses & Icons Between Models


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Updated 17th April, 2022 by @cacatman

If you have any information about compatibility, please leave a comment!

Use the control-F/command-F key (Mac) to find the pair you're looking for. There should only be one listing for each model. If there are multiple models the models are listed in alphabetical order.

Nowadays, especially for the older models, deteriorating Oakley sunglasses parts are hard to find. So it does help knowing that some rubber parts of different models of Oakleys are interchangeable.
Most information about icon compatibility was from O-Review. All searched threads in Oakley Forum for current icon compatibility are locked and linked files don't work. The last remaining thread here is a mixed thread.

How to Remove and Insert Earsocks Easily
All you have to do is use dishwashing detergent! Voila! (Some people have used baby lotion but I'm unsure as to whether this will cause the rubber to deteriorate).

Nose Bombs
Badman = Chainlink (@BoostBear), Crosslink (@BoostBear), Double Edge (@BoostBear), Drop In (@BoostBear), Drop Point (@BoostBear), Fives SQ (New) (@BoostBear), Holston (@BoostBear), Madman (@Linegear Japan), Mainlink (@BoostBear), Pit Boss II (@Linegear Japan), Pit Bull (@BoostBear), Shocktube (@BoostBear), Straightback (@BoostBear), Straightlink (@BoostBear), Thinlink (@BoostBear), Turbine (@BoostBear), Turbine Rotor (@BoostBear), Triggerman (@BoostBear), Twenty (New) (@BoostBear), Valve (New) (@BoostBear)
Size Small - 100-170-001 (Standard Fit) (@BoostBear)
Size Small - 102-227-001 (Standard Fit) (@BoostBear)
Size Large - 100-170-002 (Asian Fit) (@BoostBear)
Size Large - 102-227-002 (Asian Fit) (@BoostBear)

Enduring = Flak Jacket (@Batwolf), Half Jacket (@qtrain23), Hatchet (note that it's not an exact fit. But they will work at a "pinch") (@Zax), Mag 4 (@in2X-METALs), Mag Switch can be stretched to work (@Brit@KSA), Penny (@Zax)
Eye Jacket 2.0 - Valve 1.0 can be stretched to fit (@Jon the Don), XX (@Frogskins/@"TRUMP")
Fast Jacket = Flak Jacket (@hondazcrxsi), Half Jacket 1.0 (@hondazcrxsi)
Hatchet Wire - can use Valve 1.0 (@Serhat)
Jawbone = Racing Jacket (New) (@NoFair), Split Jacket (@cacatman)
Juliet = X-Squared (@xmetalmaniac)
M Frame = LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Mag M frame - Nose piece will fit but appearance is different (@thisguy), Zero (New) (@"TRUMP")
Mainlink = Triggerman (@DKO)
Mars = Moon (@dann), NOT COMPATIBLE - Romeo 1 (@dann)
Racing Jacket Gen 1 = Racing Jacket Gen 2, Pro Racing Jacket, Water Jacket - the horseshoe shaped nose bomb of the water jacket and the standard RJ Gen 1 and 2 look different but are compatible (@cacatman)
Radar = Radar EV, EVZero, Radarlock (@Rcga32)
Romeo 2 = LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Half jacket need slight stretching to fit (@Onza), NOT COMPATIBLE - Juliet (@BriP)
Scar = pre-2012 XX Twenty (@"TRUMP")
Shocktube = New Fives Squared (@mustangjt), PitBoss 2 (@Ventruck), 2012 Twenty XX (@SpliceD, @Ventruck)
X-metal XX = LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Juliet needs slight stretching to fit (go top first) (@Dyeraudio)

Badman = Madman (@Oakleynerd)
Half-X = Hatchet (@Eks), LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Juliets work but a little short (@jdd32)
Hatchet Wire = Juliet earsocks can be stretched to work (@Brit@KSA)
Jawbone = Minute 2.0 (@Batwolf), Racing Jacket (New) (@NoFair), Split Jacket (@cacatman), Straight Jacket 2.0 (@Batwolf)
Juliet = Mars (@Linegear Japan), Penny (@xmetalmaniac), Romeo 1 (@Linegear Japan), X-metal XX (@Linegear Japan), LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Splice (@Zax), E-wire can be used but are lightly longer and round in cross-section (@SEAN WAYNE) NOT COMPATIBLE - Half-X (@motoGP_fanatic)
M Frame = LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Mag M frame - M frame earsocks are a tight squeeze (@thisguy)
Racing Jacket Gen 1 = M frame (@sldonator), Racing Jacket Gen 2, Water Jacket (@cacatman)
Romeo 1 = E-wire Earsocks are compatible (but E-wires are 1 mm longer and are round, rather than triangular in cross section) (@SEAN WAYNE)
Romeo 2 = LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Juliets will fit, but are a 1-2 mm shorter (@Onza)
Shocktube = Radarlock (@Ventruck)
Splice = Zero will fit (but not as wide as Splice) (@Rhymes, @docrusty!!! šŸ¤£)

Bottlecap = Eyepatch (@Batwolf), Eyepatch 2 (@Batwolf), Half Jacket (@OBlazer), O Rokr (@Batwolf), Thump (@Batwolf)
Eye Jackets = Jordan Romeo 1 - After that, the lenses were slightly larger (@qtrain23)
Eyepatch 2 = Eyepatch (will fit but a little loose), but EP 2 will not fit Eyepatch (@Oakley-G37)
Fives 3.0 = Fives Squared (original and nosepad versions) (@Orion)
Flak Jacket = Half Jacket 2.0 (@OBlazer), LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Bottlecap will fit loosely in Flak Jackets (@ekleve)
Fuel Cell = LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Jury (FC lenses need slight trim to fit in Jury) (@Batwolf)
Gascan = Thump 2.0 (@Batwolf)
Half Jacket 2.0 lens fits in the Flak. There's a slight gap, but it works. Unsure of vice versa (@Zax)
Holbrook 55 mm = Holbrook 57 mm (@SouLFuLFroG)
Jupiter Carbon = Jupiter Squared (@TravisCook, @Chris A Hardaway)
Minute 1.0 2nd gen NOT COMPATIBLE - C-wire (@"TRUMP")
Monster Doggle = LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Pit Bull needs slight mod to fit Monster Doggle (@TexxxZ)
Over the Top = Right lenses = Left Lenses!! (@SEAN WAYNE)
Pro M-Frame = New M-Frame (with hinges) (@mfr12)
Romeo 2.0 = LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Half Jacket (but need to take donut shaped washer out of Romeo 2 and use the HJ tab to hook around the T5 torx screw near the temple) (@dann)
Splice = Unknown (@dann)
Split Jacket = LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Pit Boss 1 (but need to file down Split Jacket for a perfect match) (@KingJupiter)
Style Switch = Jury (@headpatrolman), LIMITED COMPATIBILITY - Fuel cell will fit Style Switch (but not vice versa) (@michaelpule)
Wiretap (new) lenses fit Half Jacket 2.0 (@SpliceD, @discodave)

How to Remove Icons
If icon is glued on, running under hot water is safer than using a hairdryer to soften up the adhesive to make it easier to remove (and reuse) the icon as per @Rick58(thanks for the referral, @Zax).

Icon Compatibility

Antix = Hijinx
P.S. Batwolf fits if tabs are cut (@OakleyGuru379)

Badman = Chainlink (@armando rendon), Crosslink (@armando rendon), EV zero (Icon Fast 14), Madman (@armando rendon), Jawbreaker (@armando rendon), Mainlink (@juliemac), Radar XS (kids) (@armando rendon), Radar EV XS (kids) (@armando rendon), Thinlink (@armando rendon), Triggerman (@kitconstantino)

Batwolf (Batwolf icon) (@Juliemac07)

Big Taco = Crankcase (@armando rendon), Crankshaft (@armando rendon), Det Cord (@armando rendon), Eyepatch 2 (@zwc0442), Offshoot (@armando rendon)

Bottlecap (@StG) = Fate (@armando rendon), Pit Boss II (@armando rendon), Pit Bull, Scalpel (@armando rendon), Straight Jacket II (@marc2040), Ten X (@marc2040)

Bottle Rocket = Eye Jacket (New), Fives 3.0 (@armando rendon), Four, Four S (@armando rendon), Minute (Gen 2) (@armando rendon), XX (O-matter), (possibly compatible with Half Jacket)

C-Six = Pit Boss 1 (@zwc0442)

Canteen = Eye Patch (Square O), Fives Squared (@armando rendon), Garage rock (@SoulFulFrog), Gascan S, Holbrook (@Juliemac07), Jupiter Squared (@Juliemac07), Montefrio (Square O), Servo (@armando rendon), Sliver non ellipse (@SoulFulFrog), Twitch (Square O) (@Juliemac07)

Carbon Prime = Carbon shift (@SoulFulFrog

Cohort = Feedback (@armando rendon), Moonlighter (@armando rendon), Proxy (@armando rendon), Sanctuary (@armando rendon), Square Wire (@armando rendon), Tailback (@armando rendon), Tie Breaker (@armando rendon), Unstoppable (@armando rendon), Wiretap (@armando rendon)

Crankshaft (Hijinx 21 icon) (@Juliemac07)

Crosshair = Crosshair S, Fives 2.0, Fast Jacket (@BoostBear, @StG), Fast Jacket XL (@armando rendon, @StG), Field Jacket (@TexxxZ), Fives 2.0 (@BoostBear, @StG), Flak Jacket 2.0 (@Juliemac07, @StG), Half X (@lazafari), Hatchet Wire (@BoostBear, @StG), Jawbone (@Eks, @StG), M2 (@Juliemac07), Mag Switch (@BoostBear, @StG), Monster Pup (@StG), Quarter Jacket (@Juliemac07), Rachet (@Juliemac07), Radar (@Lexkempo, @StG), Radar EV (@Juliemac07, @StG), Scar (@zwc0442, @StG), Speechless (@armando rendon, @StG), Spike (@BoostBear, @StG), Splice (@iamFLIP, @StG), Split Jacket (@Eks, @StG), Switch (@Juliemac07), Tombstone (@armando rendon), Unknown (@BoostBear), Valve 1 (@BoostBear), Zero (@StG), Zero S, Zero L

Dispatch 2 = Square Turbine (older) (@Juliemac07)

Double Edge = Drop Point (@Juliemac07), Rotor (@Juliemac07), Straightback (@Juliemac07), Turbine (@Juliemac07), Turbine Rotor (@Juliemac07), Turbine XS (@Juliemac07)

Drop In = Flak Jacket (@armando rendon), Flak Jacket XLJ (@armando rendon), Pulse (@armando rendon)

Eye Jacket 2 = Monster Dog, Monster Doggle

Flak Jacket 1999 = M Frame (@armando rendon)

Flak 2.0 (Rachet icon) = Quarter Jacket (@Juliemac07), Radar EV (@Juliemac07)

Gascan (Gascan icon) (@Juliemac07) = O ROKR, Oil Drum, Oil Rig, Thump 2.0

Half Jacket 2.0 (Half Jacket 2.0 icon) = 0144 Icon (@Juliemac07), M2 (@armando rendon), Speed Jacket (@Juliemac07)

Jawbreaker (Jawbreaker ring icon) (@Juliemac07) = Radar EV XS (@Juliemac07)

M Frame (New) = Riddle, Straight Jacket, New

Oil Drum II = Oil Rig II

Pitboss 2 = Scalpel (@EUPHORIIICK)

Radarlock (Radarlock icon) = Straightlink (@Juliemac07)

Sliver (14mm Flat Icon) = Sliver R (@Juliemac07), Sliver XL (@Juliemac07)

P.S. Racing Jacket Icons are larger than the Jawbone Icons
Radarlock Icons are larger than Radar Icons

Arms Compatibility
Badman with madman arms => I feel better with than full badman as badman pair is very large and it does not fit completely my face. So good to know that you can switch this way (@fiveteeo)
Madman with badman arms => too large to wear them : they can fall (@fiveteeo)

Other Useful "Compatibility" Pages
Asia Fit Compatibility (@cacatman)
Compatible Rubbers, Icons and Lenses (@cacatman)
Turbine Rubbers, How to Remove (@Oakleynerd)
X-Metal Rubber Compatibility (@xmetalmaniac)

Nose-bombs, nosebombs, nose pieces, rubbers, earsocks, compatibility
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Wait, Half Jacket 2.0 and Flak Jacket lenses are the same?

Also, I find Flak Jacket nose bombs to be the "bomb" for every pair. I use them on my Hatchet's to bump them past my cheek, as well as my Penny :)

They worked for a set of Splice that seemed to sit a little wider than my other pairs.

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