1. Lopaka KaMars

    Rare NSJ for sale. Is it real?

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-2nd-Gen-Oakley-Straight-Jacket-Black-green-Flames-Custom-Etching-1-Of-2/153934086962?hash=item23d72fc332:g:bTEAAOSw0nlerIVY Saw this on eBay and am wondering the validity of the sellers post. Ouch. That's what my wallet said when looking at that price.
  2. zcrxsi

    Custom Cut Lenses - Which Would You Choose? POLL

    I’m planning on getting custom cut lenses for my BloodSkull NSJ since I’m not having any luck finding lenses themselves or a good donor pair to take them from. Half of me wants to get Black Iridium to bring this pair back to stock. The other half wants to get Ruby Iridium like the BlackSkull...
  3. gizmo

    For Sale New Straight Jacket collection for sale / or trade

    I'll try to complete my other Oakley series, so I would like to sell my NSJ collection. I would like to sell them in one packet if possible (better shipping costs). Open for trades: vintage (Minute, Gen1 Straight Jacket, Zeros) & X-Metal models. Payments in Paypal G&S Additional pictures...