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Prices for trashed frames on ebay = baffling


I am Jim Jannard...
Premium Member


Listing: "Frames and lenses in good condition"

Um, what?? And $120??

For some silly reason, I took the time to message the guy and tell him that nobody wants his trashed peeling frame for $120.

It's not very… Appealing... 😆

Anyway, he suggested these go for $500.
Very insulting fellow too. But I suppose I can't blame him, no one wants to hear their NSJ ain't "all that." 😜

I'm just waiting for someone to buy this and then open a thread here asking for earsocks and a repaint...
I suggest we get a bunch of our members and start raiding ebay, we seek out these type of sales and fill their msg box with 1 or 2 dollar offers, 50 or 75 offers would be annoying I think, it’s passive aggressive and as far as I know we would not be breaking any rules and I think the clown would get the point.
I wouldn't even waste bandwidth in writing to those guys. I don't like or agree with their pricing? I keep looking. They'll figure the market price on their own when the item remains unsold (unless some unsuspecting soul buys them at asking price... But then that's on them).
I do believe prices have gone through the proverbial, not that I agree with the majority of the veritable scalping, the majority attempt! Laughable, at best; pay it no mind.

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