oakley backpack

  1. B

    Vintage Backpack identification?

    Just got this bag for what I think is a great price, can anybody identify it for sure? Thanks in advance!
  2. bean323

    Looking at some Oakley Bags for small hiking..

    and such. while a traditional backpack with a frame and all would probably be best just looking for a bag to hold some rations and gear in the event California falls into the ocean and i have to hike my way back to my family. Not real a "get out of Dodge" bag, but close. thanks in advance. (Si...
  3. Dirrtydog

    Bought a backpack but can't identify it

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody can help me by identifying the model of a purchased Oakley backpack. I'm sure it's an older model but i can't find any info regarding the model - on it or on the net. Can you help me, please? I can provide more pictures if needed. Thanx