oakley fuel cell

  1. Rezechs

    Bone Piston Fuel Cell Lens Etching?

    Recently sold a pair of Bone Piston Fuel Cells on here, after the sale I never realized but the Lens etching appears to be on the opposite side than it is in all the other pairs i see online. Its on the outside edge on all lenses but on the inside edge on the pair I sold, did they make 2...
  2. U

    Sold  Selling entire fuel cell collection prices posted selling seperate

    Hey everybody, I need to get some medical procedures done so i need to sell my collection. i am hoping to sell them together this is a built in collection. It is pretty complete with some rare stuff as well as some cool stuff thrown in. Check out the list. I can get pics as you need them. I...
  3. U

    For Sale  Fuel Cell Troy Lee Designs Piston Bone BNIB

    Up for sale a BNIB never worn Fuel Cell Troy Lee Designs Piston Bone.Everything is mint,flawless.Box has the Shaun white logo.That is how i got it.U will receive what u see in the photos.Asking 165 euros/ 200 usd f&f or please add 4% for paypal fees.Shipping is included in EU tracked and signed...
  4. D

    SI Black Cerakote Ultrablend Fuel Cell

    Just got these Standard Issue Black Cerakote Ultrablend Fuel Cells! Liking them so far, anyone else have these? Pictures below:
  5. wilkie18

    MLB Fuel Cells

    I love how the new ones have a little more done to them then a baseball icon. Does anyone know if they are planing on releasing anymore teams then the 3 on the site right now. I am a Red Sox fan so I would not be caught dead in the yankees ones but I have to say they look great. Well I am...
  6. Supero100

    Rust Decay Fuel Cell And Breadbox Pricing

    I was just told $500. !!! My questions are: Does this include the pre-purchase dinner? Do they come with anything extra in the box to justify what appears to be particularly egregious overpricing? $500. ??!!?!? I was formerly pretty psyched to grab these...