oakley half jacket

  1. R

    Prescription lens for Oakley Flak/Half Jackets?

    Hi I'm new to the site and need some advice on prescription lenses for Oakley flak half jackets I have been told that the prescription lenses for the flak are quiet thick and vary from thin by the nose piece and get up to 3 time thicker towards the edges and don't look very good, as I don't...
  2. randsome01

    Just got a pair of Half Jackets 1.0 with transition lenses.

    I just got a pair of the original Half Jackets. I own a pair of the Half Jacket 2.0's Infinite Heroes but they don't seem to fit my face as well. I was hoping the original Half Jackets would fit better and they do! Now I just need a few sets of lenses. It came with transition lenses. I think the...
  3. F

    Half Jacket Standard Issue Availability?

    I wanted to pick up a pair of US Standard Issue Polarized Half Jacket 2.0 XLs, which are still listed on oakley.com, but the product page doesn't work, and the pair I had in my shopping cart got rejected when I tried to check out. Anyone know what's up with that model?
  4. J

    Strap for original Half Jackets?

    I'm preparing for a week long rafting trip this summer and would like to be able to wear my half jackets without the fear of losing them in the river. I've looked at straps in the past but the ends are always too small. Does anyone have any experience or luck finding a strap that will fit? It...