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  1. Joseaznag

    Square invisible lines on oakley lenses

    Hello , i will try to explain in english if i could. Giving an example , if i put some " fog" with my mouth on lenses i can identify some invisible lines that turn visible with this fog on lenses . i think that this is maybe a target taht they put on lenses so they can cut them and align the...
  2. K

    Oakley Iridium vs. Polarized Lenses? Differences Explained

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  3. U

    Buying Looking for hijinx lenses. mainly gold colour thank you.

    Looking for oakley hijinx lenses. Really after gold colour. Or chrome- mirror style. Looking for good ones please. If they are badly scratched they won't work for me. Thankyou. UK buyer.
  4. C

    Gold iridium or VR28 Black iridium...which do you prefer

    I am looking at gold iridium non-vented or vr28 black iridium vented lenses for some matte rootbeer split jackets that I own. I use vr28 black iridium a lot and do like it. And I have used gold iridium in a previously owned pair of romeo 1 but its been a while since I sold them and didnt use...
  5. M

    The Oakley Lens Tint Guide

    Ultimate lens tint guide
  6. Doug Chubb

    Gray Polarized Vs Black Iridium Polarized

    This might have been covered before but I was unable to find anything with my search. Ive recently learned about and got approval to take part in the Oakley Standard Issue program. Majority of the glasses sold there come with grey lenses. im looking for input from people that have used...