oakley m frame

  1. U

    Buying  Blue Iridium Radar Path or M frame Lens

    Looking for blue Iridium (vr28) radar path or M frame (any shape) lens...if anyone has one for sell please send me a message.
  2. TacticalSportsGear

    Difference between these Oakley M Frame 2.0 lenses

    I have been researching what the difference is between these two lenses, but no luck so far.... They are both Oakley M Frame 2.0 lenses and the only difference appears to be that one goes back a little farther at the ends. Same fit. Same basic markings. The one that juts back a little...
  3. U

    For Sale  Highly used m frame 2.0

    I have a pair of highly used m frame 2.0 black frame with grey lenses The iridium coating on the inside has start to come off. If i could rate them the frame and nose piece would be 7/10 and the lenses would be a 4/10 They still function and are broken in no way. Just lots of scratches...
  4. Rustpot

    Oakley M2 Frame Sunglasses – Complete Review

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  5. xmetalfreak

    Magnesium M Frame Sunglasses

    just arrived. oakley magnesium m frame. but the lenses are broken and need to be replaced. does anyone here willing to sell an extra lens for the mag m frame? by the way, i bought this for $55 shipped.