oakley radarlock

  1. Linegear Japan

    40% OFF on replacement for Oak Flack Jacket, Racing Jacket, Radar & Radarlock

    Dear all, We hope you had a relaxed year end. From January 6 2015, we offer a 40% OFF discount for replacement lenses & rubber for, with a few picture as sample: 1. Oakley Flack Jacket (rubbers only) 2. Oakley Racing Jacket (lenses only) 3. Oakley Radar (rubbers & lenses) 4. Oakley...
  2. U

    For Sale  Tour De France Radarlock Array

    Looking to sell a brand new Tour De France Radarlock Array. The frame is Polished White with Chrome accents. The lenses are OO Red Iridium Polarized and VR28 Black Iridium; both lenses are Path and Vented. The glasses will come in a ballistic array case with TDF microfiber bag. If you have...
  3. U

    For Sale  Radarlock Array - Pitch

    Looking to sell a brand new Radarlock array. The frame is Polished Black with Silver accents and the lenses are Black Iridium and VR28; both lenses are Pitch. The glasses will come with a ballistic array case. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Looking for $175 (add...
  4. tigbball5

    Oakley Olympic Radarlocks and more Purchases 2014

    This will be of thread of stuff I have bought this year. 1. X Metal Juliet w/ Ruby lenses (Thanks again to @Lexkempo) 2. Olympic Safehouse Radarlock Light Grey w/ Fire (also threw in some persimmon because they match the earsocks. More to come soon!
  5. Greasedscotsman

    Oakley Radarlock vs. Radarlock XL

    Is the only differance between Radarlock XLs and Radarlocks (other than the lens, obviously...) the nose piece? Seems like the "top" part of the frame is the same and they just use an extended nose piece. And are these longer pieces avaliable anywhere? Oh and message to Oakley, please make...