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    For Sale  Sales (pb1, valve, oil rigs and more) *PRICE REDUCED

    Hello, time has come. I'm selling part of my collection, here's some items: -Pit Boss Matte Black/Titanium (complet set just missing the elit bag) Frame 10/10 Lenses 6/10 (starts to delam, yet pretty much usefull) SOLD -Pit Boss II Polish black (just have the outside box) Frame 10/10 Lenses...
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    For Sale  Pit Boss II Polished black

    Seeling this pair with box (wooden box is missing sadly) Frame condition: 10/10 Lenses: 9.5/10 More info uppon request. Thanks Price: 330 shipped worldwide
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    Sold  Ducati Jupiter, Hayden Oil Rig, Pit Boss 2

    Selling some O-Matter Ducati Jupiter - Box has creases, shiny spot on inner left ear stem, small blemish on left lens near Ducati Etching. Glasses, Ducati Microfiber bag, and box. $old Nicky Hayden Oil Rig 1 - Beater frame. Scratches on frame and lenses. Glasses and Nicky Hayden Microfiber...
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    Sold  PB2 Polished Black w/ Violet Iridium lenses, Early Frame/Warranty Frame

    For Sale is a Polished Black PB2. The frame is either an early frame release or warranty frame that does not have the PB2 etching. Violet Iridium lenses purchased from the resident lens cutter, not sure of donor. Wooden box has a few light scuffs. Very few marks on the frame. Couple small marks...
  5. Boss Oakley

    Oakley Pit Boss 2 Polished Black

    Hello everyone, I just want to ask for those owner of pitboss 2 polished black, do yours come with MADE IN USA engraved on it? because mine don’t have, I bought it from ebay. all seems legit except for no MADE IN USA.
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    Sold  PB2 Lot

    Pitboss 2 Black polished, root beer, Black Matte. Totally new without use, the frames are in excellent condition, without scratches or bumps. The totally new lenses without scratches. The price is for 2 glasses of your choice. Matte black, complete with papers and boxes. Rootbeer, complete...
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    Sold  Pitboss 2 Polished Black, Polished Rootbeer (New)

    Pitboss 2 Polished Black, Polished Rootbeer Both are with boxes and papers. Totally new without use, Frames are in excellent condition, without scratches or bumps. The lenses have not been worn, but have small scratches. 9.5 / 10 Please, if you have any questions or need more photos, send me...
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    Sold  Pit Boss 2 Matte Black w/ Black Iridium Polarized OO9137-01

    Selling a Like new in box Pit Boss 2 Matte black with black iridium polarized Asking Price - $285 Shipped anywhere in US Please let me know if you have any questions
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    For Sale  Selling a few - Fuel Cell Fallout Rust Pit Boss PB2 Holbrook Shaun White Oil Rig

    Selling a few I really don’t wear. PM me with offers and I can send more pics if needed. Paypal only CONUS ONLY PIT BOSS II $OLD HOLBROOK Frame: Matte Clear $old OIL RIG II $old
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    Found  Wearable PB1 &/or PB2

    Any colorway, any condition, NO BNIB or LNIB please (unless you will sell it for beater price) :) Looking to buy a good used car, not the dealers showroom gem. Thank you
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    Buying  PB2 polished Black daily Wear.

    Asian fit if possible... Something in good shape frame/lenses, don't need boxes etc... But it you have it, I'm ok Pictures and price PM. Me
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    Found  Pb2 plate screws

    Just got a pair of like new pb2’s and they are missing the 2 screws for the orbital plate Any leads on replacement screws?
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    Sold  Bundle Deal - CP Black Prizm & PitBoss II Black BIP

    $500 PayPal G&S for both. Of course, shipping is included. Here are the listings: For Sale - Pit Boss II Matte Black Black Iridium Polarized OO9137-01 (two lens sets) For Sale - OO6021-0263 Carbon Prime Black LNIB Only trade I am accepting as of right now is a mint XX, preferably in a black...
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    Sold  PitBoss 2 Polished Black with VR28BIP

    For your consideration A beautiful polished PB2 with original vr28BIP lenses, free of defects. When I received them they still had sticker on lens and plastic on arms. They have been used only a handful of times and condition is reflected by this. Frame 9.5 Lenses 9.5 Rubber 9.5 All 3 boxes...
  15. Modstar

    Pit Boss 2

    Just purchased the Pit Boss 2 Polished/VR28 which completed my collection.
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    Sold  Brand New - Oakley Pit Boss II - Matte Black SKU:OO9137-01

    Hi all, Brand-New-In-Box Oakley Pit Boss 2 for sale Oakley Pit Boss II - Matte Black (BNIB) OO9137-01 -Frame: Matte Black -Lens: Black Iridium Polarized -Qty: 1 unit only -Price: 390$ on eBay plus shipping which varies by region. (351$ direct payment to our PayPal + 24$ EMS shipping...
  17. Linegear Japan

    Pit Boss I

    Hi all, Finally bought the first Pit Boss I - polished black w/ VR28 Polarized. Here some pictures with Pit Boss II for you to enjoy. Of course it feel nostalgic to finally own one with elite logo... but I feel the winner is Pit Boss II, for the cool front look and the internal stem titanium...
  18. Jaytypes

    Size comparison between R1 and Pitboss

    Hello brothers I have a favor to ask, I have been debating getting a pitboss and wanted to see a size comparison between that and a R1 and if you have a XX, your help is greatly appreciated. I would also like to know the difference between the pitboss and pitboss 2 fitment wise and what they...
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    Trading  some items to trade

    guys, I want to see what interesting. Trades could be had. my current line-up of items I'm willing to part with are: Romeo 1, with absolutely no spider cracks or anything on the lenses. No blemishes on frame, and perfect original rubber. PitBoss 2 matte black with BIP as pictured. Worn once...
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    Sold  PB2 Polished Black / VR28 pol..

    Hi guys, For sale is my PB2 - polished black frame with VR28 polarized lenses. Frame is spotless - can't find any issues.. A scratch on the left lens - doesn't appear to interfere with vision. Asking 260 $ - PayPal G&S - shipped Will take partial trade-in for Electric Blue, FMJ Red or Gunmetal XX.
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    For Sale  Nib - Pit Boss 2 Polished Black VR28

    Selling for 220 (shipping included). CONUS only. (50/50 on international ) New in box. Great looking pair. Just like my PB2's more. Any questions, please ask. Photos: thanks for looking everyone. /bean
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    Trading  Pit Boss 2 (with LV bag) for Badman Dark Carbon/Pol. Black Lens

    hi! i have just the pit boss 2 glasses with a black bag.( i dont have in front of me my other pair of pb2's to compare) but will send along a LV bag. Looking for a straight trade. My GF didnt like the 2's so hoping someone is willing to trade. She needs something lighter then these. Pretty...