photochromatic lenses

  1. S

    photochromic lens

    Is it true that photochromic lenses become yellow after years of use?
  2. S

    Oakley Photochromic Lens

    do oakley clear to black iridium photochromic lenses become as dark as black iridium when exposed to sunlight?how much they take to return back to clear again?do transition lenses wear out after years of use?
  3. U

    Jawbreaker Photochromic lens ETA?

    Hi Oaksters, Long time listener, first time caller. I recently got the Tour de France edition Jawbreakers, and whilst they are the best cycling shades I've worn, I do most of my riding at dawn or dusk and desperately need photochromic lenses. Does anyone know when the Jawbreaker Photochromic...
  4. thatoakleyguy

    March 2015 and beyond purchases

    See the last page for pics/recent updates. Posts: 3/4/15 3/21/15 5/22/15 Might as well start now, and just keep it going in this thread. Had a $20 gift card to SGH. You have to spend at least that much, so technically you can't get anything free. Ordered an Oakley lens cleaning kit and a SGH...