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  1. unclebullbar

    unclebullbar Oakley Beginner

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    Hi Oaksters,
    Long time listener, first time caller.
    I recently got the Tour de France edition Jawbreakers, and whilst they are the best cycling shades I've worn, I do most of my riding at dawn or dusk and desperately need photochromic lenses. Does anyone know when the Jawbreaker Photochromic replacement lens will become available?
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  2. Ventruck

    Ventruck Oakley Expert

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    been a while since I've been to an O Store, but I never heard of OCP surfacing yet when it was planned for August. Could be telling, but hopefully an employee chimes in. Been hoping to get some chrome lenses.
  3. pants

    pants Oakley Beginner

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    They sure don't advertise replacement lens available for the Jawbreakers, but they sure do carry a few colours in the stores. As for photochromic I'm not too sure. But in the Q3 Fall releases one of the pictures that @Oakwood was kind enough to upload had pre-built Jawbreakers with photochromic lens. So, this is just an assumption but I would think they would be available to purchase around this time.