polished juliet

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    Sold  Polished Juliet with polarized fire iridium

    Polished Juliet with polarized fire iridium, frame is mint. Lenses 9.5 $old F&F or 5% Free priority mail shipping to the US and US Territories. Fully insured.
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    Sold  SOLD Ichiro Emerald lens and Rubbers on Polished serialed Juliet frame

    selling my supposed to be daily worn Ichiro(ed) polished Juliet. never really used it since I’m more into XX and Squares. became a safe queen.. 500$ OBO Frame is an 8.8/10 because of a not too visible scuff on top of left lens area, tried to capture it with photo as best as I can (red arrows)...
  3. Dullisc

    Polished Juliet 1st Gen

    Got a great deal on these the other week. They needed a tuneup in a bad way and to be cleaned thoroughly but everything else was great with them. Sent them for a tuneup as soon as they came in and just got them back.. Love them. My first Polished Juliet and love the feel and the look of them...
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    For Sale  Polished juliet w/Emerald shiny AF

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    Sold  Polished Juliet & XM/Ruby Juliet

    $275 Nose bridge tight, and lenses good. It's the 2009 Juliet XM/Ruby: 24-125. $275 Polished Juliet with Road Red Prizm lenses. Nose bridge is a 6. Lenses look awesome! Both pairs come with microfiber bag and nothing else. Any questions, please ask.
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    Found  Polished original or custom

    I'm looking to find a pair of xs or Juliet polished frames and lenses. I don't know a ton about prices and well metals in general but I'm learning.. I've seen a few polished frames and they look unbelievable. maybe I'm crazy but I'm looking to spend about 300 in total. any help would be...
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    Sold  Polished Juliet Frame only $215

    Polished Juliet Frame with JB Serial Overall blemish free except on Right upper orbital which is not at all Visible. -No rubbers -Disassembled everything. Planned to replace rubber but harder than I thought. - few blemishes on nose bridge $220 All in Shipped to CONUS and Canada Taking offers too
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    Buying  Juliet polished

    Hello! Looking for a beater polished juliet, preferably without a serial number, for a refinish project. Have recently watched serialized pairs go for a little over $200 on the bay so that is about what I'm looking to spend. Rubbers and lenses are not essential. Pm me and let me know what...
  9. Slojack

    What a Week Im Having.

    Two XMetals in one weekend. Polished Square/V28 Polarized and Polished Juliet/Fire Polarized. Bengals won on Thurs. Time to relax.
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    For Sale  Used Polished Juliet

    For sale, late gen polished Juliet. Price is $375 shipped or best offer, paypal F&F or you pay fees. US only please! -Has hammer stems, but no serial or sku on arms. -Lenses have been replaced with Revant lenses. -Box is included, missing the 2 outer sleeves, and a small tears on back flap as...
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    Trading  My Custom Juliet Ichiro to your Minute Machine with Box

    drop me a PM for interested parties