polished juliets

  1. U

    Sold  Serialised polished juliets

    hi all selling my polished juliets Serial JF000636 Fip lenses worn couple of times 9/10 Vr28 polarised lenses 9/10 Hammerstems Rubbers 9/10 oem Nosebridge 9/10 $350 worldwide shipped
  2. Ray Tuley Jr

    After market lenses what is good what is bad?

    Hello, my question is about replacement lenses, and which ones are the best quality? I need some lensesreplaced that I have got scratch etc. , I have Been looking at the revantoptics lenses and walleva lenses, what is your opinion on these companies, fit and finish etc. Thanks in advance, Eddie
  3. pupusasrock

    Lens Rattle

    I have a pair of lenses that were in a set of Gen 1 Juliets and I just took them out and moved them to a pair of Polished frames. They are much looser in the polished frames so much so that both rattle when you move the glasses. Any ideas on how to fix would be appreciated. Not sure what I...
  4. BHarry

    My X-mas present came a day late

    I'd been wanting to check out a polished Juliet for awhile...I'd had a fun night out the local brewery... I ended up making an offer way too late... They arrived today and I'm happy with the outcome!:drinks: Definitely not the worst looking girl taken home that night!