portal x

  1. Forrestx

    Portal X nose pads replacement

    Hi! Following my intro post, I’d like to call on the help of Oakley experts. During a round of golf today, I lost the original nose pad of my Portal X w/ Dark Golf glasses. Oakley seem not to provide spares via their customer support or replacement part portal for this model. Does anyone know...
  2. mbrantley

    Oakley Portal X and Lugplates

    Any got there hands on any yet? Would really like to see some good pictures of them in hand, before i pull the trigger on both pairs
  3. Jerome

    Oakley Portal X

    Basically a Portal but with some rounded edges and slightly less taller lenses it seems. Dark ink fade with Prizm Dark Golf Polished Black with Prizm Dark Golf Carbon with Prizm Grey Polished Black with Prizm Deep Water Polarized Polished Black with Prizm Ruby Polarized Polished Black...