radar range

  1. U

    For Sale Radar Range G26 lens

    Radar Range G26 lens. No scratches on the lens. Very rare lens. Price: 70 USD including shipping.
  2. B

    Radar OCP

    At my local flea market today, somebody was selling a pair of OCP Radar's. He was glued to his phone. I asked him how much for the glasses, (still glued to his phone, and didn't even bother looking) "Uhhh I don't know how 'bout ten bucks?" Uhmm, hmm... Let me thi.... Here you go sir. Lol...
  3. Miren Baines

    Oakley SI Radar Range Prizim TR45

    I had actually gotten the pair last week and have been testing them out in low light conditions. I also had recently gotten the Oakley Ballistic Det Cord TR22 Prizim. I have yet to use these in a range situation but I can report that at night, at least in well lit instances such as urban...