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    Sold Radar Antifreeze XL Nose Bridge

    Antifreeze XL Radar Nosepiece w/ Rootbeer Nose Pad The nose piece will only work with Radar XL Blade lenses, an is not compatible with the Radarlock XL. Nosepiece was never worn, as it was removed from a NOS frame someone parted out. While in storage the black nose pad gotten a bit dry rotted...
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    Sold Radar XL $SOLD

    Okay, so, ended up keeping the HP (thank you again, for the clasp, Zach), and still would like some extra money for my upcoming trip this Friday. I’m listing a couple pairs today and maybe two or three more tomorrow. Here’s the two I have ready: 1.) Radar XL (don’t think that these were...
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    Radar XL Blades Blue Iridium

    Finally got another one Radar XL Blades, this time with blue Iridium lenses. What a beautiful lens this is, it is far better looking lens than sapphire imo. Looking through it is kind of similar to Violet iridium but not too much green. Love radar xl frame..awesome looks and wide range of...
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    Blue Iridium

    What is the base colour of Radar XL Blue Iridium? Is this blue Iridium and that on sub zero same?
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    Radar XL

    Today i got this in the mail. This is my first pair of radar xl. Yellow straight stem positive red lens..more coverage than radar ev, sick design, secure fit, unique lens shape not just a tall pitch lens...i am very happy..most of my collections are sports frames but this is by far my...
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    Buying Antifreeze radar

    Looking for antifreeze radar or radar xl. Frame only works.
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    Positive Red or light positive red

    Is this positive red or light positive red iridium?
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    Buying Radar xl blades

    I am looking for radar xl blades. If anyone want to sell please contact me.
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    Radar Blade lenses in radarlock xl

    Can i use radar blade lenses in radarlock xl?
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    Oakley radar xl

    Is anyone out there want to sell oakley radar xl blue iridium sunglasses
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    Radarlock XL Glacier blue help!: Not sure if Authentic or not

    Hey guys, bought these off the dreaded place.... Ebay..... Was very excited for a while and ignored some of the tell tail signs that they might be fake. They didnt come with a hard case, just a soft case. As per the pictures there is a massive difference between the authentic lenses (green)...
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    Buying [ASAP] Radar XL Jade Iridium Lens

    Today was a horrible day because I accidentally ruined my Radar XL Jade iridium lens by sitting on them (F me). Please tell me someone out there has a pair of jade iridium lenses for the Radar XL (not Radarlock). I will pay top dollar.