1. santmyre

    2 pairs OCP Radar EV Retina Flipped!

    I’ve had both pairs for around 2 months. Been on the look out for Retina Burn socks for the black pair. Scored some and completed the color flip. The black pair originally had black socks. Both are OCP’s.
  2. U

    For Sale  New Custom Oakley Radar EV Retina Burn +Red Iridium

    A custom straight from Oakley's website. Build includes; Retina Burn frame, +Red Iridium Lens, Polished Black Icon, & Black Ear Socks. Comes with custom bag, Large Radar Case, Custom box, & paperwork. Condition: Worn once to try on. Don't fit my narrow head very well. Asking Price: $120 shipped...
  3. santmyre

    Whats up from chicago-land area!

    How is it going? Been a member on here for a couple weeks but forgot to post here. Mostly into the sporty frames. Own a couple Radar EV's (my favorite). And my main goal is to find the retina burn ear socks for them. Thanks!