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    Sold  Gold Iridium Radar Range Lens

    Selling a Radar Range Gold Iridium Lens. It looks like it was mounted due to the mounting marks, but overall in very good shape. I originally bought this for a custom cut b/c Gold is so hard to get for a larger orbital frame (trenchcoat in my case) but decided to go a different route. Lens is...
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    Radar Range lenses

    Hey all this is my first post. I have a pair of Radars with the Range lenses. I have been dealing with scratched up lenses for a while since they don’t have Range lenses in the US website anymore. They are on the EU site but they can’t sell them to me? I’ve called and it’s annoying. However...
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    Buying  Black Iridium Radar Range Lens

    Hoping that some collector on this forum might have one available for sale. Don't understand why Oakley quit making this lens, and don't really want to go the aftermarket route. Hit me up please~
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    Looking to trade these lense's TR45, TR22, & CLEAR for Pitch polarized or Prizm lens BIP,00 BIP, Ice Polarized, Permisson, ect.... Let me know what you have to trade can do one for one or as set
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    Are the Radar Range XL Discontinued?

    Hi guys. Im new here from nj. This is my first post lol. I'm thinking about buying a Secound radar oakleys. But it seems oakley.Com Do not have them anymore. I feel scare about buying On ebay since There's just too much fake stuff over there. I want the white ones with the blue lens 09-743 I...