red iridium

  1. U

    Sold M frame heater red irdium lens

    For sale m frame heater red irdium lens. This lens is very old and has many hairline scratches on the outside of the lens, but not much on the inside of the lens. Price: $27 shipped
  2. U

    For Sale M frame Red Iridium Heater and Gold Iridium Heater

    M frame Gold Iridium heater and red iridium heater . No scratches on the Gold . Lens condition of Gold: 9/10. Red Iridium: 7/10 Price: 105 usd for both including shipping.
  3. U

    Buying Red iridium polarized +00 lens / frame

    I had some red polorized iridium 00+ lens on my R1. That pair has been gone but I miss that lens. Looking for a affordable back up glasses. Let me know. No crazy purple or lime green frames. To old to try to be cool. . Thx.
  4. sally

    Half jackets + Ikon lenses

    Just purchased some gorgeous purple half jackets from a fellow member, I absolutely love the colour and the fit. Will be looking to fit some new lenses to them shortly. (Any suggestion on colour?) Also, purchased a set of lenses for my Oakley minute's 1.0. I thought I'd see how the Ikon lenses...
  5. U

    For Sale Zero 0.6 Planet X red iridium " ONLY BOX - PAPERS - BAG "

    Hello all for sale the original box, papers and bag of Oakley 0.6 Planet X with red Iridium in very good condition. Complete your planet with the complete package. Price $100 included shipping with tracking. Thanks for look.