ruby prizm

  1. AbraxasFire

    Juliets back from the ashes

    I've had them for some time as a two-toned finish, gun metal black nose bridge and stems, exposed metal orbitals, and I really wasn't happy with it. And I did try to enjoy them. Those lenses rattled tho. But I felt it was time for them to rise again from the ashes. From the hands of two...
  2. T

    Best lens color for Oakley Holbrooks?

    As the title says. I've been looking into buying a pair of Holbrooks, but have run into trouble as to which lens to choose. My local shop has a very limited selection, and I'll have to order online. I tried to make a custom pair and ended up with matte black housing, red rivets and icons, and...
  3. U

    Sold Straighlink Ruby Prizm lenses

    Straighlink Ruby Prizm lenses, brand new, never installed. Perfect 10/10. No box. These have an awesome purple hue, difficult to catch on pics. To use on Straightlink frames, or to get custom cut for most X-Metals and some O-Matters. Price $45 shipped USA
  4. Lupetto

    Carbon prime/ ruby prizm reddish halo.

    Received a set of carbon primes yesterday and was really impressed with the design and engineering features. They are super comfortable, lightweight and love the adjustable nose piece so I can balance for my unbalanced ears! Ha! But..... The prizm ruby lenses are soooo bad! I’m completely lost...
  5. U

    Sold Ruby Carbon Prime

    Like new (basically new, but I took off the Prizm and RX stickers...) Absolutely no flaws. Awesome glasses and very high end looking. The ruby Prizm lenses are outstanding, way better than the traditional ruby Iridium in my opinion. Reason for sale is they were going to be my new daily wear...