1. cacatman

    For Sale Oakley RX Bolts/Screws For FREE. You just pay shipping!!

    "No Such Thing as a Free Lunch, eh?" Normally this statement is true. But NOT TODAY.* I decided to make them free as a service to the Oakley community. Fine Print *If you want the whole lot, you can have it all for $300 ONO shipped CONUSA, because I assume you will be using them to sell to...
  2. tanimachi

    HELLO from Osaka, Japan

    Hello, I'm a OAKLEY fan! I use OAKLEY RX glasses. It's very cool! Deringer! THX!
  3. bean323

    Deal Prescription Frame and Lens deal

    Recently needed a new set of glasses (RX) and saw some on our board. Went to a local Optometrist and they happened to have a Voltage Ferrari frames. Tried it on and GF said they looked good on me. One of our local lens cutters (@Chris A Hardaway ) was also a eye doctor so i thought i would ask...
  4. bean323

    Buying Rx frames 53+ 55 preferred

    Got someone here who has a few pairs but looking for the Ferrari RX frames also. Thanks.