1. U

    Sold Detonator Stealth Black

    I'm selling Stealth Black detonator. With details on the bracelet. Bracelet has 5 broken holes as shown in the second photo General conditions of the item: 9.3/10. It only has signs of use. Clock working perfectly Clock has never been opened Glass never replaced I want $150 plus shipping. I...
  2. U

    Trading My Frogskins 35th LE, Gold and black (not serialized) for Frogskins Kokoro

    *** Read carefully*** I want to trade (or maybe sell) my 35th limited edition gold and black NOT SERIALIZED Frogskins, brand new in the box with stickers. For a pair of kokoro, in perfect or near perfect condition. Or if you have somethings nice. Maybe 35th clear front with violet prizm...
  3. Jonahisonfire

    How much should I sell my Oakley Medusa Helmet size L With Goggles And Drawstring Carry Bag for?

    What is a reasonable asking price for the helmet, the goggles and the bag in this condition?
  4. U

    Sold Fragment Frogskin Lite (Perfect Condition)

    Hey everyone! I have a pair of Fragment Frogskin Lites, polished black with dark grey lenses! I never wore them so they are in perfect condition! I did get rid of the box but I’ll throw in an eyewear stand with the glasses as well for whoever wants it! Looking for $600 OBO! DM me if you’re...
  5. Marchi

    HELP ME ( ap vest)

    Someone selling ap vest? I buy it today, I paid shipping to Brazil. I also bought 24k r1 and penny thump also ( :cool-20: )
  6. Jonahisonfire

    Oakley Medusa Helmet With Goggles And Drawstring Carry Bag

    Hello, I am extremely new to this site and the Oakley scene in general I have an Oakley Medusa Helmet With Goggles and Drawstring Carry Bag and wanted to know the best way to sell it. Thanks in advance.
  7. I

    Oakley JULIET with a very low serial #

    Hi guys, I am from Italy and I bought my black Juliet several years ago. Didn't use them much, since I was always worried about ruining them. In 2011 I was in Vegas, in the Oakley store in TownSquare and the guy in the Oakley store was impressed with the serial number of my sunglasses: it's...
  8. D

    Y 8 Sunglasses

    i have a pair of Y 8 sunglasses (at least that is what the sales person in the store called them) and I'm looking for some information on them. They are rimless, have square lenses that screw into the nose piece in the upper left and right corners of the lenses. I am looking for lenses for...