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Y 8 Sunglasses

David wiggins

Oakley Beginner
i have a pair of Y 8 sunglasses (at least that is what the sales person in the store called them) and I'm looking for some information on them. They are rimless, have square lenses that screw into the nose piece in the upper left and right corners of the lenses. I am looking for lenses for them but am told they no longer available. Does anyone have any information on how to get lenses for them or are interested in buying them. They are about 9. Years old and are in excellent condition. See the attached picture.


Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Oakley Expert
Those are definitely Why 3

From o review :

Frame: Titanium Lens 3
Lens: Grey
Family: Wire
Price: $265
SKU: 05-853
Date: 2002-2003