1. stuss

    My son is packing crates and found these

    We should of moved house two weeks ago.. 2 year build. And the kitchen leaked sewage..kitchen wrote off. But whilst unboxing my son found these juliets, & posted me a pic..unsure whether actually worn. Receipt = 6.5.2006 Arrangement by my son. Looking @ photo everything looks origional Box...
  2. U

    For Sale BNIB Half X Tungsten Iridium Lenses

    Half X Tungsten iridium lenses Bronze Base Lens SKU 16-888 Comes with original box and soft pouch $75 Shipped CONUS
  3. B

    Raplacement lens for Oakley Razor Blade 30y Heritage.

    Hi ! New post here as I could not find the answer. The Fire Iridium lens for my 30y Anniversary Oakley Razor Blades got destroyed and when I contact Luxottica they do not carry after market parts for this model as it was a limited edition. The third party replacement lenses seem all to fit...
  4. U

    Sold Romeo Black Iridium Lenses OEM

    Original OEM Romeo BI lenses with etching in excellent condition Conservative 9/10 No Spider cracks but very light scratches under close inspection (not affecting vision) Making some room in my OEM lenses since I have few sets Asking $OLD shipped CONUS
  5. A

    Help with Lens Identification

    I have had Oakley's and only Oakley's going back at least twenty years. I found these lenses and they don't seem to go to any of my glasses and they only pair that I can recall ever losing was a pair of Flak Jackets but I have other pairs of Flak Jackets and they don't fit them. I am wondering...
  6. W

    Radar Range lenses

    Hey all this is my first post. I have a pair of Radars with the Range lenses. I have been dealing with scratched up lenses for a while since they don’t have Range lenses in the US website anymore. They are on the EU site but they can’t sell them to me? I’ve called and it’s annoying. However...
  7. B

    Corroded lenses

    Hi I've been a loyal Oakley customer for 20+ years but have found my last 4 pairs have all suffered from the lenses being corroded (looks like lots of tiny scratches) to the point where they're just not nice to wear. [see photo] Is this very common with polarized lenses (it only happened when...
  8. Iainmcm

    Reading glasses lenses for T Wires

    Hi there, l have just bought a great pair of mint T Wires on eBay and was thinking of using the frames but with reading glasses lenses. Does anyone know of an optician who can customize reading glasses lenses to fit T Wires, E Wires or even Juliets? I’m based in Singapore so global shipping is...
  9. U

    Sold Romeo and XX Lenses

    Hello OF I have 7 sets of lenses I'm looking to get rid off All lenses are 8.75 BC Romeo Positive Red 9.8/10 = $OLD Prizm Black Polarized w/ Etching = $OLD Prizm Maritime Polarized w/ Etching= $OLD X-Metal XX Ice Iridium = $OLD Black Iridium = $OLD Positive Red = $OLD Prizm Black...
  10. Altitudejk

    Dart replacement lenses?

    Looking to replace the lenses on my Dart's, but trying to see which ones actually fit. I just got some lenses from Amazon, but I can't get them to stay in. They were the ToughAsNails polaraized replacement lenses. I saw another one from Galvanic that looks like from the reviews that they fit...
  11. J

    tungsten vs black lenses

    Hi, I'm trying to decide between the tungsten and black sunglasses lenses. I'm using it mostly for everyday and light sports (hiking, trail running). I have been using the black ones for many years now. They are dark but do the trick. Due to many recommendations was wondering if it is time to...
  12. U

    Sold Half X Tungsten Iridium Lenses

    Half X Tungsten iridium lenses SKU 16-888 Light Transmission: 13% Brand new never mounted $OLD shipped CONUS
  13. U

    Sold +Red Iridium Polarized Racing Jacket Lenses

    Dudes, I have a pair of +Red Iridium Polarized Racing Jacket lenses for sale. I hate to get rid of these, they have great color to them, lots of red, purple, blue with yellow on the edges. I just don't use them. They are used but in great condition. There is small mark on the red lens, so...
  14. U

    Sold Frogskin lenses

    Selling 2 new pairs of lenses. Grey - sold Black Iridium Polarized - $50 shipped
  15. DaysOfNoah

    Fuse 40% sale + $10 coupon

    Just noticed that Fuse lenses has 40% off their normal lenses, which I think are pretty good. A lot of us like their “chrome” lenses. I also have some leftover $10 off Fuse coupons if it helps anyone send me a PM.
  16. U

    Sold X-Metal Lenses Purge

    Hello Forum I have many new CC lenses I'm not wearing so decided to sell some of them 8.75 BC XX 24K = $SOLD Romeo Violet = $SOLD XS Emerald Polarized (Etched) = $SOLD Romeo Prizm Sapphire Polarized (Etched) = $OLD One lens has a dot in the coating (9.8/10) XX Prizm Sapphire Polarized (no...
  17. U

    Buying MD, SJ2 and Scar lenses

    Looking for Oakley lenses for the aforementioned frames. Looking specifically for +Red, Ruby, Sapphire, Ice, Emerald, Chrome or 24k. Open to seeing what you guys have, though. Thanks
  18. U

    Buying Oakley Pit Boss 2 Lenses + Nose Pads

    Looking for a pair of lenses for Rootbeer Pit Boss 2. They can be OEM or custom cut. Preferably the tungsten polarized lenses if possible but open to other options. Also in need of some new nose pads. Thank you!
  19. U

    Sold Lenses For Plate

    Lenses For Plate The lenses are brand new, have not been measured or used in any way. Some micro dots shown in the photos (without scratches) 9/10 If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will reply to you as soon as possible Price $80 Free shipping to USA Pay by...
  20. U

    For Sale OEM - Eye jacket vr28 lenses

    Hello OF for sale this perfect and with out scratchers original eye jacket vr28 lenses, I put out the frame and never used it. lense 9.9/10 price: $35 the lenses + $15 for the fees and shipping. $50 allin in Paypal g&s ( Shipping with tracking number and total insurance ). Thanks for look.
  21. U

    Sold X-Metal XX HI Persimmon lenses

    X-Metal XX HI Persimmon cut from Flak XLJ in new condition 8.75 BC HI Persimmon is basically a higher contrast, lower glare version of persimmon. It's a great low light lens with 59% light transmission Comes with Oakley lens soft pouch as pictured SOLD shipped CONUS
  22. U

    Sold XS 24K Polarized lenses

    For sale XS 24K Polarized lenses with etching 8.75 BC / Brand new $OLD Shipped CONUS
  23. U

    Sold Romeo Black Iridium Lenses OEM

    Romeo Black Iridium lenses with X-Metal Etching OEM Mint condition with no spider cracks They have been removed from a frame for a new project so light casting marks $OLD Shipped CONUS
  24. U

    Found Half Jacket 2.0 XL Non-Polarized Lenses

    Looking for new or like new Half Jacket 2.0 XL lenses. Looking for NON-Polarized please. Looking for just 1 pair. The colors I am looking for can be found below. Thanks! Prizm Black Black Iridium Fire Iridium Ice/Sapphire Iridium 24k Iridium
  25. Seek Optics

    Buy 3 Get 1 Free at SeekOptics.com

    Hello Oakleyforum! Our Buy 3 Get 1 Free promotion is going on again! For a limited time buy any 3 items from our website and get the 4th item of your choice free of charge! (Discount applies to the least expensive item in cart) (Please add all 4 items to your cart prior to checkout)
  26. U

    Sold Romeo Fire + Positive Red Lenses

    Brand New / Never Mounted 8.75 BC Shipping CONUS Included Fire $OLD Positive RED $SOLD
  27. U

    For Sale Frogskin Lenses

    Recently picked up a few sets in a package deal. Hoping to pass along to someone who can use them. All prices are shipped in the US. Please let me know if you have any questions. 24K Iridium Polarized - Traded Violet Iridium Polarized - Traded Fire Iridium Polarized - Traded Black Iridium...
  28. U

    For Sale Fuel Cell - Torch Iridium Lenses

    I have a pair of Torch lenses for Fuel Cell for sale. They are a little beat up, I bought them this way to use outside for yard work but I never ended up doing so. They have multiple scratches but honestly you can't really see them unless the lighting is right. I'm going to ask $15 for them...
  29. U

    Sold SOLD! $25 Unidentified jacket? lenses + case

    So my parents found this case with lenses at a yard sale for $1 and asked if I could sell it. The problem is, I can't identify what frame the lenses go to. I am about 80% sure they go to a pair of Split Jackets based on the size of the case and the lenses as well as the cutout, but not 100%...
  30. U

    Found Scalpel original/oem lenses

    Hi, looking for cheap beater original/OEM Scalpel lenses to use as templates for a custom cut - perfection really not required. If cheap enough, happy to purchase with frame. Shipping required to UK. Thx for looking 👍