1. bean323

    Sold IH (Infinite Hero) Lens Juliet - 175.00 Conus /Splice 100. CONUS

    Picked these up for a rebuild of my favorite set, Seems i picked up a IH Juliet with good lenses so no need for these. Looking at 175. shipped. Pics as follows and i would say 9.9 /10. I see nothing wrong with them. Also adding the splice lens to the listing. will add link to it later...
  2. bean323

    For Sale Splice Ice Polarized Lenses - 100.00 CONUS

    Thanks for looking. never used and not even sure why i got them. (not a donor for any frame that i like or my fat head can use). 100 bucks shipped securely. any questions ask. i was going to take some photos outside but super windy in so cal. today. thanks can't get damn thing to turn...
  3. Jon the Don

    Buying Old Fire Iridium Juliet Lenses

    Looking to purchase some old school Fire Lenses for my Juliets, prefer new but open to second hand/used provided they are in a good condition. Tap me up if you have what I am looking for. Cheers. Jon
  4. O

    Buying wtb- crosshair 2.0 OO4044-03 or 43-309 blk iridium polarized lenses

    hello, - looking for crosshair 2.0 w black iridium polarized lenses- OO4044-03 or just the lenses - 43-309
  5. Rotorhead

    Sold Juliet lens set - Fire Iridium Polarized - New

    Came from original SKU: 04-119 Polished hammers. Taken off immediately for another color, so no original box. Lenses have never been worn and you can see no scratches or flaws.Kept pristine and now ready for the world. Price is $80 shipped US. Paypal.
  6. B

    Fuel Cell Lense SKU List?

    Hello Everybody, Does anyone have a complete lense list with SKU's for the Fuel Cell? I have been searching all day and can't find one. In particular I'm looking for the SKU for Tungsten Iridium Polarized lenses. Oakley website doesn't have the replacements listed and all I found was a sketchy...
  7. ShockWall

    G40 alternative

    My Split Jacket G40 lenses is damaged. :/ After look arround on Internet (revantoptics/Line Gear) I've haven't found any alternative lenses or some other lenses with a color that looks like it. Does anyone knows some alternative for these lenses?
  8. r1mobley

    Trading Seeking Tungsten Iridum lenses for Holbrook

    Looking for these lenses to put into my Kostons. They came with Sgh exclusive 0091032-A3. Would also take dark bronze as well. I have bronze polarized to trade otherwise I'd be okay to by outright if the price is fair. Thanks
  9. bean323

    Buying Black Iridium Polarized Lenses - Badman

    Picked up a badman frame that needs new lens. Like to keep them the same as original. Unsure where to grab them and not seeing them on the SI site or Oakley.com site. Not looking to pay a arm and a leg May offer one of my kids but thats the sacrifice they will have to make. :) thanks, Beans
  10. Ploeg

    Tr22 lenses for everday wear.

    So i just recieved my shocktube tr22 prizm glasses from oakleysi today. Now this is less about the shocktube platform and more of the tr22 lenses. Initially on my purchase i knew they were a target lense, i shoot often so that was a sale but no one spoke of the everyday use (that i found). My...
  11. Foldupcup

    Buying Romeo Fire Lenses

    Hey all. Looking to get a pair of Romeo lenses for a friend. Please let me know if you have any and how much you're looking for them. Cheers!
  12. Rotorhead

    Sold Juliet Lenses and rubbers set - - Tungsten Iridium Polarized / Root beer rubber - New

    For Sale is a set of Juliet Tungsten Iridium Polarized lenses and matching root beer / brown, ear socks and 2 sizes of nose pads. All flawless, I believe the rubber set is Oakley but I am not 100% sure. Price is SOLD hardeck, shipped to US. Out of US add shipping. Thanks for looking.
  13. X-Metal Beast

    Deal Mars Lenses - Found

    Looking for OEM lenses, preferably factory, but will consider custom cuts too. Preferred color Black Iridium. Willing to buy at reasonable price, or I also have a lot of things to use in trade. Please PM me with what you have Cheers
  14. Zoll

    Buying Wiretap lenses

    I'm looking to purchase tungsten iridium polar lenses for the wiretap (it is the new style wiretap) please let me know what you have
  15. Barbadiasz

    Looking for replacement lenses

    Hi, I am a proud owner of Twoface Black matte with Violet Iridium lenses, unfortunately my X-girlfriend scratched them :( Could you guys help me find legit oakley replacement lenses? Please I cant find them on Oakley site. Oakley Twoface in MATTE BLACK / VIOLET IRIDIUM | Oakley
  16. Chris A Hardaway

    Sold Romeo R1: Ice Iridium Custom Cut Lenses

    All items in bold are in stock! Most beautiful custom cut Romeo lenses are from Perfect 8.75 OEM Authentic base curve lenses. All of these have been tested to fit! ROMEO LENSES: Slate Iridium (New) $sold Black Iridium (New) $sold Ice Iridium (w pouch) $100 Get shipping in the USA for free...
  17. X-Metal Beast

    For Sale New custom cut Juliet lenses - Gold Iridium

    Both sets of lenses are in like new condition. No scratches, nicks, blemishes, dings, or anything that might affect line of vision. They have been mounted in 3 different Juliet frames and perfect fit in all of them. Gold Iridium custom cut by @zwc0442 I believe from Flak 2.0 XL, but not 100%...
  18. SiRacer420

    Sold Various vintage lenses - Wire and O Matter

    new thread here For Sale - Lenses, all new old stock.
  19. Vman41

    eBay lenses

    Hi! I'm new to this forum and recently just found out about it. A few months ago I lost my pair of Juliets and I've been trying to find a decent pair of used ones or maybe piece together/fix up one. Anyways, I've been looking on eBay and there are lots of listings claiming to be legit Oakley...
  20. X-Metal Beast

    Sold Big Taco Emerald Polarized Lenses - Donors for all xmetals - GONE

    New Big Taco Emerald Polarized - Donors for pretty much all xmetals Price: $120 shipped ConUS, G&S (For seller protection I can only ship to the address that you have on file with paypal ...... or else). Price is firm, no trades
  21. X-Metal Beast

    Sold XS OEM Emerald lenses & LG olive rubbers

    XS OEM Emerald lenses & LG olive rubbers Lenses have been mounted on frame and lightly used, but extremely well taken care of. I can't see any scratches, so I will say 9.5/10, but that's always subjective to each person's opinion. Nothing can be seen when wearing them Please enjoy the pictures...
  22. SolarOracle

    Emerald Slate Lenses / Difference between tints

    I have a set of Polished Ichiro and 2 sets of Emerald Slate Lenses! I was wondering wich sets is the rarest ? I installed 1 lens of both sets.. The left lens seems to have a darker tint while the right one, the color changes from yellow to green ? Any suggestions.. I want to keep only 1 set...
  23. Migs the Scientist

    Deal Black iridium lenses for Penny

    Hey all! looking for black iridium for penny new or like new OEM preferred but if you have aftermarket that are still wearable those will be acceptable as well thank ya! the scientist
  24. Red Tiger

    Custom 3D lenses

    Hello all, I have been looking into 3D lenses for the Racing Jacket/Jawbone, I use to have 3D lenses for my Flak Jackets but sold the frames & lenses & 3D lenses found the Flak Jacket 3D lenses on e#bay, so I was wondering if anyone has seen or knows of 3D lenses for the Racing Jacket Jawbone or...
  25. Chris A Hardaway

    Buying Large Oakley Lenses

    Hello all, I'm looking to find extra sets of large lenses I can do custom cuts with. Especially Big Taco, Scalpel, or Crosshairs Lenses. I'd really like to get more emerald, 24k, or polarized sets. I'm hoping to obtain below wholesale (under $30 Iridium, under $40 for polarized). Pm me if any of...
  26. karimo

    Buying Batwolf lenses

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for an authentic oakley new or like new batwolf replacement lens. Ruby, fire, ice or black.
  27. M

    For Sale M frame clear+black lenses

    1 clear and 1 black iridium sweep lenses. Comes with hard case. Both in perfect condition. $40 shipped.
  28. vthokie1050

    Ikon lenses

    I just purchased my first pair of Ikon lenses . I have to say I am really impressed with their products . They are very clear and crisp. The other aftermarket lenses I have tried are very dark but these are not. I will be purchasing more from them. They look really good in my plasma Juliets .