1. T

    romeo 2 plasma

    boa noite, alguém poderia me dizer se existe plasma romeo 2 numerado? Se sim, quão difícil é encontrar um
  2. RicHockney

    serial number list

    Apologies for the duplicate thread..... I know I've seen somewhere a list of who owns which serial numbers (just Juliet I'm interested in) the list was an attempt to match boxes with serialised pairs but I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone have the link to hand?
  3. U

    Sold  Complete serialized xmetal penny *NEAR MINT*

    That time has come to let go of my prize possession. Serial#xm004084 great condition, lenses, tight frame, rubbert components. worn a couple times but mostly stored in box in cool dark spot! asking $750.00 CONUS preferred 3 day priority mail ps, more pics upon request to me, an unopen box is...
  4. U

    Sold  Juliets, many Juliets!

    I have an abundance of Juliets and my wife wants a bunch of crap for Christmas so some Juliets can go. The following are the ones I'd be ok saying goodbye to. All are in great shape but used, they are not mint. All have good rubber or new rubber. The 2 first gen plasmas have some discoloration...
  5. D

    My Serialized....

    here are my serialized accessories.
  6. D

    SerialIzed Status

    I received my second money clip today and bunker. Serial Status: Carbon Money Clip 438 & 483 Carbon Carabiner 438 Blackline Carabiner 27 HQ Bunker 248 Robotic Storefront 110
  7. U

    For Sale  J Serial X metal Juliet - 2 Move.

    J serial number X metal Juliet No box, no coin *Frame is tight, just had serviced from Oakley and all rubber is new from that service *Lenses in frames are brand new Black Iridium- Prefer CONUS shipping and buyer Just picked this up and it was my first Juliet. NICE! Downside is i also picked...
  8. U

    For Sale  Oakley Ducati Juliet X-Metal w/ Black Iridium LOW SERIAL

    X-Metal Juliet with Ducati Black lenses, lenses brand new frame slightly used due a few nicks on it nosebridge still good, not factory tight but good serial inside left stem 0139 as shown comes with Ducati pouch only asking 750 USD (negotiable) including worldwide shipment, payment through PayPal
  9. U

    For Sale  $OLD Plasma Romeo 1 Frame

    Got a plasma Romeo 1 frame for sale. Frame is in pretty good condition, don't see any nicks or dings upon inspection. Both upper orbital gaskets are missing. The rest of the rubber is in pretty good condition as well. Low serial number of 005990. Asking ($OLD) $490 shipped PayPal gifted or add...
  10. SiRacer420

    Help with a juliet serial

    I found someone selling a pair of Juliets and she said they had a J serial. J000528 to be exact. Then she said her boyfriend looked at them and said it looks like a T to him. This is the pic she sent, said it was the best they could do. I can't tell. This is the rest of it
  11. M

    Oakley Juliet without serial number

    Hi, Min is here. Can someone please answer my Q about Juliet? I found one Juliet locally having coin (1999) but the frame does not have serial number. The owner confirmed that they are authentic and they are 2nd gen Juliet produced after 2004. I understand that serial number are stopped written...