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    Sold  Oakley Pro M Frame Array Full Set

    Location: UK Condition: Excellent Price: £225+ pp Black M Frame with 3 shooters lens array. All 3 lenses in immaculate condition - G26, Black Iridium and yellow. Box is in excellent condition with no wear to foam inserts. All lenses equipped with mint condition nose pieces, and earsocks are...
  2. U

    Found  Tombstone Spoil Array or Prizm Sporting Clay

    Looking for a Tombstone Spoil Array set. Clear/TR22/TR45 Titanium Iridium Failing that, if anybody has just the Prizm Sporting Clay version please message me.
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    Sold  SI Tombstone BI

    Complete SI Tombstone BI lenses. $100 Shipped with in the US.
  4. U

    Buying  SI BALLISTIC M FRAME® 3.0

    Just got into guns and looking for a clear lens. SI oakley is on Backorder. Looking for a fair priced set. let me know what you got. thanks
  5. U

    Sold  LNIB Prizm™ Shooting TR22 Ballistic Det Cord™ Dagger

    Selling a LNIB pair of Det Cord Dagger glasses, only reason not BNIB is because sat on my Oakley Display stand, but these for all practical purposes and are brand new, Never been worn before, no scratches , dents, dings blemishes, bruises, etc The lenses are Prizm TR22 Mil Spec. Asking $120...
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    Looking to trade these lense's TR45, TR22, & CLEAR for Pitch polarized or Prizm lens BIP,00 BIP, Ice Polarized, Permisson, ect.... Let me know what you have to trade can do one for one or as set
  7. M

    Oakley Prizm TR22 vs TR45 availability

    I'm looking for the Oakley Prizm TR22 in Australia for shooting but am having trouble finding them. I have found the other Prizm lenses (eg Trail, etc), but not the TR22. Are they available in Australia and who sells them? If not, where can I import them from?
  8. cobaltblue92

    SI Tombstone

    TFB EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek: Oakley “Tombstone” shooting glasses (VIDEO) - The Firearm Blog
  9. Rustpot

    Oakley Tombstone - New Zero style glasses system

    Has anyone posted on these yet? TheFirearmBlog claims this is an exclusive. It's a look at the Oakley Tombstone as a new ballistic shooting pair. $180 for a pair, $235 for a 3-lens array. Source: TFB EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek: Oakley “Tombstone” shooting glasses (VIDEO) - The Firearm Blog
  10. S

    Using Oakley's as Safety glasses?

    Hey everyone. I actually have an important question. I love going to the gun range and I always use my FastJacket as my safety glasses because they say Oakleys as suppose to be sports safe. Do you think they are good as safety glasses for a gun range?