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    Help Identifying Oakley Goggles Model / What Goggles Are These? [Consolidated]

    Please help me identify these, and can I buy more lenses to put in these?
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    For Sale  Splice Snow Goggles

    Custom coral red fade with purple out riggers. High Intensity Yellow w/ Blue Iridium coating. Worn a handful of times some light scratches in center but no obstructive blemishes or fogging on inner lens. All foam intact with virtually no wear. $40 + shipping Buy both pairs for $50 shipped F&F
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    For Sale  or Trade: Crowbar Snow Goggles

    Custom dye job on these, can be worn as-is despite lenses having some lil scratchers on face of lens, inner lens is spotless. Or throw them in the display and enjoy the custom :p Deep Red Frame, Orange Riggers and Orange-Red Color Blend Strap w/ Persimmon Lens $15 + shipping
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    Sold  Oakley AirBrake Shaun White Signature Series Snow Goggles w/2 new lenses

    Hey all, This is for a very lightly used frame and two new lenses, one Prizm Snow Sapphire Iridium (installed) and the other Hi-Viz Yellow Iridium, with microfiber bags included as shown. Asking for $75 shipped via Paypal.
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    Trading  Canopy Prizm HI Pink Lens

    Canopy Prizm HI Pink ~ $45 Shipped in CONUS ~ Will consider any kind of trades; Legos/Homemade Edible Goods/Conversation Pieces Will trade for non-prizm tints for Canopy, Crowbar or Splice goggle. HI Persimmon VR50 Pink Iridium Blue Iridium Emerald Iridium Trade for Oakley swag; belts...
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    Deal  /Selling: Unworn Crowbar Goggle Frames

    Probably a long shot, but I'd be interested in trading both of the below crowbars for some Splice goggle frames w/o lenses, or for a Crowbar lense. Neither of the frames have been unused - the black pair was used for display, the blue's were compiled from spare parts, viper riggers were opened...
  7. Cory Fernandez

    Difference between LINE MINER and LINE MINER XM

    I’d like to know if there is a big difference between LINE MINER and LINE MINER XM? Is one better than the other? Or is it just a size difference?
  8. Sunglasses Restorer US

    The fastest Ski Googles interchangeable lenses

    Hello everyone. Unfortunately, the Oakleys are not the fastest but please tell me what do you think about them, and about the rest of the list. The 6 fastest ski goggles replacement lenses [by Sunglasses Restorer] Thank you