1. SolarOracle

    Sold X-Metal Soft Vault

    X-Metal Ballistic Case in excellent condition For use on your beloved X-metal shades (Bullet Style) Fits X-Squared, XX, Juliet.. $SOLD Shipped CONUS
  2. Xformr

    Sold Vaults/Cases: 2 white leather, 1 black soft vault, 2 X-Metal

    2 white leather cases that came with women's sunglasses, 1 black soft shell vault that came with a pair of men's sunglasses. The vault does not have the lens slots. These cases are in excellent condition. Also, 2 X-Metal cases in pretty used condition. The "X" is cracked on one of these. $45...
  3. L5072

    Sold X-metal x-squared soft vault with bonus case

    picked these up last week from @Bonz-1. Great condition but also picked up a Juliet xmetal case that was more of what I was looking for. X-metal x-squared soft vault that looks almost brand new!! Also included is a regular case which holds straight jacket sized glasses!! I want to move these...
  4. SolarOracle

    Sold X-Metal Soft Vaults

    2 Soft Vault for sale Juliet Soft Vault has still the tag attached to it.. it has never been used for obvious reasons $50 XS version is also in mint condition SOLD Zipper tab works perfectly on both G&S Shipping from Canada included
  5. THISGUY25

    Found Large soft vaults

    Anyone have a bunch of large soft vaults they want to unload at a decent price. My glasses may be going into storage for a bit so I'll need about 3 or 4.
  6. mustangjt

    Sold 12 Gauge Stainless Steel Band White Face

    Selling my 12 Gauge with Stainless band and white face. Bought it used but personally have not worn it. Just got a black face version so I decided to let this go to fund another purchase. Battery was replaced in August. Everything functions properly. No scratches on sapphire. Typical scratches...
  7. Rotorhead

    Sold X Metal Soft Vault New

    For sale is one X Metal Soft Vault. New, never used. Perfect condition and extra large (the largest I have seen). Price is $55 delivered US. Thanks for looking!
  8. SolarOracle

    Sold Infinite Hero Soft Case + Infinite Hero Coin

    Selling these 2 items in new condition - Infinite Hero Ballistic Case / Fits Juliet or Penny (30$) - Infinite Hero Coin (45$) Each sold separately or selling these 2 items as a combo for 60$ PP G&S CONUS
  9. SolarOracle

    Sold Infinite Hero Ballistic Case and X-Metal Soft Vault

    New Juliet Infinite Hero Ballistic Case SOLD Used Juliet X-Metal Soft Vault SOLD Very nice display X-Metal Era $10 Standard shipping no tracking inside Canada and US Only
  10. B

    Soft Vault Quality Dropped?

    I've always bought the zippered soft vaults for as long as I can remember (the zip is a great protection against things like sand if you're on a beach) - I've always found them to be pretty solid. Now I don't know if it's diminishing protection returns as the cases I require get bigger, but the...
  11. Jason Beer

    For Sale Oakley Soft Vault Case

    For Sale is a Large Oakley Soft Vault glasses case. This is brand new, no tags but never used, no marks/stains/scratches and in immaculate condition. £15.00 UK Only
  12. Gunn

    For Sale Oakley Badman Pewter w/ Tungsten Polarized

    For sale is a Badman Pewter with Tungsten Iridium Polarized from my display. The pair comes with a microbag and a Soft Vault, not the round case that originally came with. I'm asking for 250$ obo. Worldwide shipping is 10$. Payment via PayPal, fees are included in the price above according to...
  13. PitBoss

    Deal X Metal Soft Vault

    bought x metal soft vault from @STavros fast delivery smooth transaction
  14. pegleg

    Customizing a soft vault

    So I am thinking about customizing my soft vault, basically just painting the icon, and wondered if anyone had any tips for disassembly. Before anyone gets on me, I used the search function, and looked through pages after pages here in the DIY section. At first look, the icon seems to be...