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    For Sale  Sling bag standard issue

    Selling this classic Oakley Sling bag. $180 + Shipping ($60 - $70 intl medium/large package). Excellent condition, no defects that I could find.
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    For Sale  Bundle of SI POP Card Displays

    Selling as a bundle. Cards measure 3X2. Please let me know if you have any questions. $25 shipped.
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    Sold  *Price Drop* New Oakley SI-8 US 9.5 boots

    Also have a pair of Oakley SI-8 Black US 9.5 boots. Brand new in box, never worn, still has tags for $100 $80 shipped CONUS.
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    Trading  BNIB S.I. Monster Dog for MD

    ...paging MD bandwagon connoisseurs.... paging MD bandwagon connoisseurs... BNIB S.I. Matte Black / Grey 05-015 Monster Dog I don't have any plans to "catch em all" so being complete doesn't make any difference to me, but it might for the folks that hoard boxes ;) In which case, if you've got...
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    For Sale  Keychain SI Coin

    Not sure if someone want this... SI Coin with drilled hole and a welded ring (without keys of course) for sale. 😄 Got this, as it is, back in the days for a military coin check challenge. But I just put it on a keyring for this photo. I didn't used it daily, just to keep the coin cool...
  6. K

    Identify/find Flag or armed forces from 2017??

    My sunglasses grew legs or someone really wanted them more than me I 2017 I bought a pair of standard issue polarized glasses with a matte OD green frame. They came in a silver and black flag bag. I haven’t been able to find another pair. Can anyone help me identify them? A model...
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    Sold  Molon Labe Fuel Cell

    SI Fuel Cell, Matte Black with Black Iridium Lenses. This is the Molon Labe version with the chrome Subdued Flag. Asking $70 plus shipping.
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    Sold  SI Gascan Sand frame Grey lens

    My cousin has asked me to post his Gascan's for sale. They are the SI Sand with GREY lenses (not the original bronze lenses that came with the glasses) but IMO still look nice. They are used, so, the frame and lenses both show scratches and wear. The arms are a bit loose as well. My cousin is...
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    For Sale  SI Batwolf

    BNIB SI batwolf Never worn only displayed Comes with box and all paperwork BIP lenses $100 Shipped CONUS
  10. pupp

    A couple of updates on my collection.

    So, here are a couple of updates to my collection, I may have missed some. I got a custom pair of Jawbreakers and an extra pair to swap out colors. Some new Elmonts (L) and the SI Multicam Holbrooks. I also got a pair of of Oakley suspenders just for fun. I'm sort of adding stuff randomly and I...
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    Sold  NEW Fuel Cell Eagle / Black iridium - GONE

    Hello Folks, Here I have the last one of my Fuel Cell Eagle pairs. It is brand new, and this one has been upgraded with new OEM Black Iridium lenses instead of the grey that these pairs come with. As you can see in the pictures, it also has polished black icons. It is a sweet looking pair, very...
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    Sold  BNIB American Heritage Fuel Cell

    BNIB and complete. $150 shipped to CONUS, international is $20 extra. Paypal fees included in price. No trades.
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    Trading  SGH Exclusive Matte Clear Ruby Iridium Holbrook

    Got 2 pairs of this, brand new with box. Looking to trade for brand new in box American Heritage Frogskins and Holbrook. Already got the Fuel Cell and Crankshaft and looking to complete the collection. Will also sell for $170 each. Let me know if you're interested thanks.
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    Traded  wanting to trade some watches/eyewear for a couple elusive Holbrooks

    Disregard this
  15. eBayOakleys

    For Sale  Oakley Black SI Gascan Rubberized

    ULTRA RARE LIMITED EDITION BLACK OAKLEY SI GASCAN RUBBERIZED 2015 VETERAN DAY $250.00 End Date: Dec-31 07:58 Buy It Now for only: US $250.00 Buy it now | Add to watch list Continue reading...
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    Found  Oakley SI Ballistic Crosshair - Gunmetal with Grey (SKUOO4069-02)

    Looking for these in BNIB or LNIB complete , If you have some for sale let me know. Anyway I'm located in Indonesia so you have to ship International. Thanks
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    Brand new oakley Standard Issue Ballistic Crosshair Gunmetal 4069-02. Only removed for photos. Comes with box,warranty card,hard case, and storage bag. 210.00 Shipped + 4 % papal fee SOLD
  18. F

    Half Jacket Standard Issue Availability?

    I wanted to pick up a pair of US Standard Issue Polarized Half Jacket 2.0 XLs, which are still listed on, but the product page doesn't work, and the pair I had in my shopping cart got rejected when I tried to check out. Anyone know what's up with that model?
  19. Zoll

    Look what I found!

    Found this at a local Oakley shop!
  20. bigd003

    Adaptable Payload AP Gear Collection

    Hey there, somehow despite an error message I received when attempting to post my pins collection thread, it ended up getting posted twice. So I am editing this second post to be an AP gear collection thread. Not meant to be a tease, but I do not have all my gear together. I do have a pic of...
  21. Patient_Cero

    My 2015 thread.

    You can see my 2014 stuff linked below. My Recent Purchase Thread-2014 | Oakley Forum First of 2015 - Just got these Pit Boss Sunglasses and loving them!
  22. RMZ21

    My Very first purchases for 2015

    My very first purchases for the year, First Gen XX 24k X Metal and a SI Assault Boots 6...:)
  23. U

    For Sale  Oakley SI Ultrablend Black

  24. cobaltblue92

    SI Tombstone

    TFB EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek: Oakley “Tombstone” shooting glasses (VIDEO) - The Firearm Blog
  25. D

    Oakley SI coins?

    Does the Oakley SI website currently sell any coins? I'm not seeing any on the site.
  26. pistolpetefan23

    Global War On Terrorism Special Editions On SI

    Whoah, pretty interesting:
  27. D

    SI Black Cerakote Ultrablend Fuel Cell

    Just got these Standard Issue Black Cerakote Ultrablend Fuel Cells! Liking them so far, anyone else have these? Pictures below:
  28. Oakleydude44

    SI Tincans

    I called customer support for the SI site, but they didn't know, so does anyone have an idea of when the SI Tincans will actually be available to buy? I am hoping to have them in time for my trip back to Texas.
  29. pistolpetefan23

    Oakley Standard Issue Site Updates

    There's a couple threads for updates on and, but none on the Standard Issue site I don't believe. All of the new releases, including the Carbon Blades, are on the SI site as Coming Soon (except the Ferrari and special edition stuff of course)...
  30. Patient_Cero

    Si Releases: Prism, Multicam, Limited Release

    Here is video from SHOT show this year of the Prism lenses and other stuff from the SI line coming out mentioned in other threads.