staple x liberty x oakley

  1. U

    Sold Staple x Liberty x Oakley Frogskins NIB

    Only taken out for pics. I have my other pair on display. From what I remember there were only 150 pairs made. $450 USA only please - also listed on ebay so whichever sells first (hopefully here)
  2. tigbball5

    Tigbball's Frogs

    These are the new frogs I have obtained since joining this forum. 1. Heaven & Earth Collection Matte Sky/ Sapphire Iridium The sapphire iridium lens is absolutely stunning.It is is just like jade iridium but with blue. I pops a lot more than ice. 2.STAPLE x LIBERTY x Oakley This pair is...
  3. Tommy_DTA

    Post Em If You Got Em! StapleXliberty

    Came in yesterday. They look so much cooler in person.