1. CarolMichelleRose

    Oakley STRAIGHT (not jacket) nose pieces

    Seeking!!!! So my husband has some Oakley’s that are his absolute favorite and he was missing a nose rubber. I took them into the local Oakley Vault and had the lenses swapped out and he took the nose piece off and went to replace it with two NEW pieces and the straight jacket rubbers are...
  2. U

    Sold Torch Wear Straight w/Clear

    For sale is a lightly used pair of Torch Wear Straight’s. Polished Black with Flames/TW logo. Clear lenses w/Z87 in each. (Original) Ear socks are like new. Frame is like new OTHER than a minor chip in the paint in the upper orbital. (Photo 6). Didn’t want to sell these but brother wants to go...
  3. U

    Buying Black Iridium Lenses for XX and New Straight Jacket

    as the title says I’m looking for some OEM Black Iridium lenses for: XX Twenty (Minute 2.0 also compatible) New Straight Jacket
  4. zcrxsi

    Custom Cut Lenses - Which Would You Choose? POLL

    I’m planning on getting custom cut lenses for my BloodSkull NSJ since I’m not having any luck finding lenses themselves or a good donor pair to take them from. Half of me wants to get Black Iridium to bring this pair back to stock. The other half wants to get Ruby Iridium like the BlackSkull...
  5. B

    Torch Wear Straight

    Got the Torch Wear Straight’s in the Mail last Friday (I was out of town). Didn’t clean them up yet so they probably look a bit dirty. They really don’t seem like they have seen much use at all. Really nice that the frame and both lenses are etched Z87.
  6. B


    Got a couple pairs off the FB marketplace. Lady had a pair of Twenty XX Matte root beer w/24k and a pair of the FMJ Straights w/ice. I think I scored pretty good on both of these. Though, the XX needs new earsocks, they are in really nice condition.
  7. Julinbhz

    Some history - Collection

    Hello friends, I would like to share my collection with you. It's pretty difficult to make it here in Brazil, specially because Oakley has a fresh history here. So I have been collecting for a long time. I hope you enjoy it. There are some rarities, and they are brand new in the box. :)
  8. dh4645

    My small collection. Done for now.

    The wife has gold feedbacks, violet haze conquests, & game changers she keeps in her car. Her fives, fates & 1 other are being saved for the kid, since the wife thinks they are too small for her face... the ladies like the big lens styles, I guess In order of purchase new to old: Wind Jacket...