1. U

    Sold Supreme, ATMOS, DQM, others... Selling Vintage, Rare, Collectibles.

  2. U

    Buying SUPREME Matte Black/Violet Iridium and White City/Black Iridium

    Hey Fellow O matter fans, I have recently focused my attention on Frogs and have acquired most of the Supreme releases with the exception of the Matte Black w Violet Iridium and White City w Black Iridium. If anyone can help me locate and acquire these I would greatly appreciate it. I am...
  3. U

    Found Chrome Supreme

    Hi guys. I feel sick....... I had my chrome supremes lifted from my truck today while I went into a customers house for about 5 min to grab a cheque. I still have the box, bag and strap. I was so in love with that pair. OMG. :headbang::shock::cry:they were like brand new condition... PLEASE...
  4. E

    Possibly Fake Supremes

    I just bought a pair of Royal blue supreme frogskins, but i think the shape is a bit odd. Can anyone help me decide if they are legit or not. If you take of the legs they fit perfectly with my other frog skins. I would be super grateful if someone could help me. Erlend
  5. Frogskins

    Royal Blue Supreme

    Been wanting a Royal Blue pair for a while
  6. A

    A Few New Pick Ups

    Recently added all black customs, old glories with blue iridium, supreme chromes, and a pair of black m frames for work oh and koston tortoise as well. Glories m frames and supremes are not in my hands yet
  7. J

    Latest Pick-ups

    Atmos Supreme, Bearbricks, SW Blue Chrome Time to take a break...a long break!
  8. crj

    My New Supreme Editions

    Hey guys: So i added a few supremes this winter to my collection. Thought I'd share. I also had the golds but had the return them because the hinge is broke (yes the one on ebay). Check em! Both of these are in 100% perfect condition. I want to add the other 3 original "OG' Supremes so let me...
  9. crj

    Gold Supreme Frogskins

    Just purchased a pair of Gold Oakley x Supreme Frogskins. Definitely an awesome pair. I like to think of them as the parent of Goldbrooks, and 24K Juliets ;)!