switch lock

  1. U

    Sold Split Jacket Fire Ird Lens

    Split Jacket Fire Iridium Lens $55 Shipped in CONUS $70 Shipped in CONUS $65 obo Shipped in CONUS Trade interest for Jawbone replacements lens would take donors for JB or CC Toric set would work as well used is fine, so long there's not a whole lotta scratchers VR28 BIP | OO BIP | OO RIP |...
  2. U

    Sold Racing Jacket - Green over Green custom

    What began as a boring white racing jackets is now a slick dark green/evergreen fade, over a pale green to teal green fade... so yeah if greens are your thing, these have got a whole lot of that going on. Temples + Uppers - Prior to customization these were spotless white with no scratches or...
  3. Orion

    Fast Jacket Switch Lock Durability

    For those who own fast jackets - and wear them.........sorry shelf whores :-) I'm looking for your opinion on the durability of the switch locks which I've been unable to find very many comments on here. Maybe I should create a poll.........