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    Sold  Ap Vest Piet

    Ap Vest Piet Update. Most of the Ap Piet vests from the first batch have been delivered, a second batch will be shipped from Brazil and will be available in the US on Friday, February 17th. If you are interested, leave me a message and I will reserve it for you. Available sizes 2 M 2 L 2 Xl 2...
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    For Sale  Ap vest in large , axis vest in medium. San Diego Tactical medusa Xmetal juliet

    Who in san diego is looking for some older vests? I have an AP VEST in Large and an AXIS VEST in medium. Just chilling in my closet. These are being sold AS IS! don't know how the plastic zipper pulls are. Both for $650 Cash is king... Pick up only , no shipping
  3. hellboy95

    Young Oakley Fan

    Hi, I'm a huge fan of the Oakley designs from the early 2000s and late 90s. I started following the brand and looking into its history a few months ago and have fallen in love ever since. Definitely into the more outlandish designs, Oakley has done over the years, whether it be sunglasses or...
  4. weshardeniv

    LAPG 20% off Oakley Closeout

    I just got an email with a coupon code for 20% off Oakley closeout items on LAPG using code "OAKCL20". Sale goes through tomorrow. Here's the link: Closeouts
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    Sold  Oakley Tactical Field Gear - laptop Bag

    Oakley Tactical Field Gear - Bolso para portátil Precio $115 Envío gratis en Estados Unidos pagar con Paypal
  6. 702baby

    25% Off Friends and Family Sale @ Tactical Distributors

    Oakley | Tactical Distributors
  7. 702baby

    Tactical Distributor 25% Off on Oakley's

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    Sold  mens tactical AP vest XL unworn with tag + AP daypack !!!

    Just giving a try to sell this time capsule here... Brand new mens AP vest with tag in size XL with AP daypack on the back - full set! asking ****** USD obo, including PayPal fees and worldwide shipping
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    For Sale  Collector frogskins, garage rock, Juliet lenses, juliet gaskets/screws, A frame lens snow goggle

    Need to sell! SHIP WITHIN USA only!! Paypal F&F prices listed, thanks! Oakley A frame snow goggle replacement lens, black iridium, condition solid 8/10 (few minor small scratches on front, minor scuff on one side on the back) $38