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    Two pairs, gets you the entire golf set. Polished white/Prizm Dark Golf and Polished Black/Prizm Golf, asking $110 for both pairs plus shipping.
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    Prizm Black Polarized with different colored lenses?

    I bought a pair of Drop Points and Targetlines both with Prizm Black Polarized lenses. The Drop Points have a red pink tint which I don’t care for and the Targetlines are neutral gray. Why is this? Do Drop Points come in a neutral gray tint?
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hi everyone! New here but have been a long time Oakley fan, David Duvall was one of my favorite golfers and the reason I got my first pair. I just picked up a pair of Targetline for this season with the Prizm Golf lens and liked them so much I went back for another pair of with Prizm Black...