1. N

    Oakley Unknown Rootbeer / Gold Iridium model number

    Anybody has a model number for theese glasses? I want to contact the support for replacement earsocks and lenses. I only see some traces of the serial number after 15+ years, because I had to throw away my older earsocks. The support team can't help me with replacement parts without model number.
  2. U

    For Sale Various Used/Beater Frames

    Got a few used/beater frames I'm looking to pass onto those that can use them, recondition them or strip them for parts. Prices listed are for F&F payment and shipping is $5 per pair within CONUS unless you buy more than one (in which I will combine shipping). If you have any further questions...
  3. U

    Sold Unknown Black - brand new - price drop

    Oakley Unknown MPH Polished Black w/ Gray Lenses Brand New In Box (BNIB) Beautiful pair, and hard to find. Fits like a Minute 1.0 but looks way cooler Perfect 10/10 condition!!! MPH doesn’t have any nose bridge text to wear off, which is a big plus in my opinion. $125 $100 shipped continental...
  4. U

    Sold Unknown Overcast / G30 Black Iridium

    Hello OF for Unknown Overcast with G30 Black Iridium lenses, is used the frame and rubbers still in very good condition but the lenses have a cleaning marks, It has cleaning marks, i put adn wear it and does not bother the vision see the pics, they are very good, came with the bag only. SKU...
  5. U

    Sold Custom Unknown!

    Crushed aluminum cerakoate unknown with fuse cosmic lenses !! Just finished the frames ! The finish is very nice with purple icons! The fuse lenses have a scratch inside on lh lens not sure how my stupid fingers managed that installing !! The rubber is all original and in decent shape !! I'm...
  6. U

    Deal Feedback For Custom Work By BONZ-1

    Deal for custom work done on my Unknown frames. Excellent job!!! You can see them in the Boneyard !
  7. U

    Found Unknown Bronze Polarized New

    I am looking for Unknown Bronze Polarized Lenses...must be new, not worried about box just the quality of the lens. PM me if you want to sell or trade(if I have something you want) possibly. Thanks all.
  8. U

    Traded Brand New Pit Bull Matte Blk for New Unknown Matte Blk

    The Pit Bull Matte Black says Asian Fit on box but I also have another new pair that is standard fit and I cannot see a difference. It is brand new never worn. Would like to trade for New Unknown Matte Black. Sorry CONUS only. Thanks all.
  9. U

    Sold Beater Unknown frames $20

    Polished black frames only. Picked these up for cheap to try and it's a no go for me. Frames are in beater condition. Rubber is slightly tacky, but more than enough life left. Asking $20 shipped CONUS.
  10. U

    Sold Lot Beaters Oakley Unknown

    Lot Beaters Oakley Unknown Lot Price $110 Free Shipping In United States pay by Paypal
  11. U

    Sold 15 GLASSES. Fives 3.0 Ducati, Ferrari Carbon Blade, Conductor 8 Carbon, Warden,Offshoot. +

    In general the frames are in very good condition, some lenses have small scratches, each one comes with what you see in the photos. If you require more detailed information and photos, please send me a message. Warden Brown Tortoise (Trigger) Lens gold clear 9/10 SKU 05-892 $80 SOLD Fives...
  12. U

    Sold Brown tortoise unknown W/bronze polarized lenses.

    Mint lenses, frame is easy 9/10 rubbers 8.5/10. Need nothin but anew owner. Thanks for checking. Price 90$ including world wide shipping.w/microfiber.
  13. U

    Sold Unknown Overcast W/ G30 Black Iridium Sku#03-318

    Hello OFamily came whit other one Unknown, in very good condition have very little cleaning marks, difficult to get in he pics, don't have scratchers, came with bag only. Frame 9,8/10 Lenses 9,5/10 Rubbers 9,8/10 Price $100 #SOLD allin. Payment in PayPal g&s, feeds and shipping...
  14. U

    Sold UNKNOWN Brown Tortoise/Bronze POLARIZED SKU: 12-826

    Hello again :) for sale perfect UNKNOWN Brown Tortoise w/ Bronze POLARIZED SKU: 12-826 all is 9,9/10 never used all the time in the tower sleeping, came with bag. Description: LNOB Price: $150 $140 #SOLD allin. Payment in PayPal g&s, feeds and shipping with tracking and total...
  15. Oakley_The_Dog

    Please help me to identify these frames.

    Hi guys, as I said in presentation area, I have an Oakley collection and I will need some helps about prices (I've read the rules and I won't use this forum to sell anything) and frames's names. I'm taking some pictures (long job) and I don't know what is this model (?) Can someone tell me ?
  16. U

    For Sale More, more and more... 17 frames for sale.

    Hello family, I need to make space in the room for new purchases, I put on sale a part of my collection, bnib and bnob, price in g&s in paypal, shipping included. BNIB: 1) New Eye Jacket Electric Mustard w/ Black Iridium - sku#04-305 - $160 #SOLD 2) New Eye Jacket Pearl w/ Black Iridium -...
  17. U

    Sold Bnob Unknown Overcast W/ G30 Black Iridium Sku#03-318 *sold*

    Hello all i have this for sale BNOB Unknown Overcast frame with G30 Black Iridium lenses, Is new only put on Bob for take the pics, came with the mf-bag and a new white hard case. Sku#03-318 Date: 2004-2004 Price 130usd + shipping and fees If need. Thanks for look, have a good day.
  18. J

    Need help Identifying my Oakley's

    I would greatly appreciate any help with finding out the model of these glasses. I need to order a new rubber cushion for the bridge of the nose, the lens are scratched and the side rubber is starting to look a bit torn up. Thank you ahead of time, it looks like a great community...
  19. adrien

    What models are they ???

    hello, i got a great friend who has been the official retailer, in a french ski resort, called Avoriaz, and he has found some limited editions and rarities he'd like to sell ; i took all his stuff to check what i wanted first for my collection, but i've found 2 sunglasses i didn't ever know.. so...