1. A

    Polaroid lenses and water

    Hi, I've recently purchased Oakley Whisker Prizm Black Polarized lenses - I was wondering, is that polaroid part of the lenses technology? Or is it just a layer on top of the lenses? If they get wet, will they lose their Polarized aspect? Thanks
  2. SkyKye

    Best Oakleys for kayaking?

    I was wondering about a pair that i could get that would be good for kayaking and swimming any ideas and does anyone know and Oakleys that can float in the water
  3. D

    Scratch-like texture on lense from water?!

    Hey there, I have some Radarlock glasses I use for running etc. Yesterday I was running and it began to rain, so at the halfway point of my run, I took off my glasses that were a bit wet and put them in my Oakley microfibre bag and in my Camelbak. They were still a bit wet (hard to dry in the...
  4. U

    For Sale  Water jacket

    i have a BNIB pair of water jackets They have only been displayed and never worn, $Old