1. U

    Trading  or FS: WHY 8 frame with poor lenses

    I'm the original owner of this WHY 8 frame, not 8.1. I purchased brand new ~12-15 years ago. I'm making this frame available to someone who may need it or want it. Perhaps as a donor, for spare parts or desiring to rebuild it. Ideally, I trade it for something I can use, or make me a cash...
  2. cacatman

    Tags - How Do They Work? What Do They Do?

    At the top of new posts, you can add tags. Does this make the thread easier to find? If something is "tagged" does it make it go to the top of the search list if a key word is mentioned? Is it the same as if you wrote the "tag" words in the body of the thread anyway? @kronin323 - Looking to...
  3. N

    New member with some Why 8 questions

    Hi everyone, I have a few questions about the why 8. Are the earsocks and temple rubber pieces interchangeable with any other oakley model? Also, does anyone know what series these are from, are they x metal?