1. U

    Sold  Twoface, Matte Cloud Holbrook, Holbrook XL Woodgrain

    Looking to move a couple frames just sitting around. First pair is a Twoface OO9189-05 Steel with brand new Prizm Sapphire Polarized lenses. The metal show a little wear but would make a great daily or custom project. Again, comes with brand new lenses. Sold! Second pair is Holbrook OO9102-71...
  2. U

    For Sale  Holbrooks 2 Pairs.

    Two pairs of Holbrook asking 130 for both. NIB Woodgrain- Prizm Daily Polarized Fire and Ice- Matte Crystal Black/Prizm Grey
  3. U

    Found  Fives Squared Woodgrain w/Prizm Daily OO9238-19

    As the title says, looking for a pair of Fives Squared Woodgrain. Anyone have one they're looking to unload for a decent price?
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    Sold  Jupiter Squared - Woodgrain w/ Tungsten Polarized

    OO9135-07 Jupiter Squared Woodgrain with Tungsten Iridium Polarized Really love the uniqueness of the Woodgrain and the gunmetal accents, but they just don't get the face time because they are a bit large to me. Frame doesn't really show any signs of wear other then a small scuff above left...
  5. U

    Sold  Pt.2 Gascan x3

    For sale is three sets of Gascans. They are all LNIB, complete with original boxes and papers / mf bags. Each pair has been worn once except the Montoya, which may have been worn a few times more. However, I have not found any scratches or flaws on any of them. The 3D TinTin's saw Batman v...
  6. U

    For Sale  Crossrange - Woodgrain with Prizm Tungsten Polarized

    Looking to sell a BNIB pair of these. The frame is Woodgrain and the lenses are Prizm Tungsten Polarized. Glasses also come with additional set of arms. $135 shipped.
  7. U

    Sold  Jupiter Squared - Tungston Pol / Woodgrain

    Jupiter Squared with Tungston Iridium Polarized lens and the Frame is Woodgrain. BNIB SOLD shipped US. Thanks for looking!
  8. D

    Opinions on grey Woodgrain vs. Matte Tortoise for casual everyday wear

    I just bought a pair of Prizm Daily Shiny Black Mainlinks (with swapped Asian Fit Triggerman nosepads) that fit my face well. I want to buy a more casual looking pair of Mainlinks for everyday all purpose beaters. (ie. grocery shopping, errands, dog walking in the park, etc) I'm deciding between...
  9. U

    Buying  Looking for Jupiter Squared Woodgrain

    Hey peeps! I'm looking for the jupiter squared woodgrain for my wife. I thought I might get a better chance here then on the eBay. I found a unopened for $133 on ebay. Can anyone can offer me a better deal new or used? Let me, help you... put money in your pocket for your growing collection...
  10. OakleyLewis74

    Opinions on the SGH woodgrain Holbrook?

    I am wondering how you guys feel about the SGH woodgrain Holbrook? I have been after it for a while but really am not a fan of buying stuff from sunglass hut. I am hopeful it can go and be available in Oakley stores like the SGH matte clear with ruby that I bought.
  11. U


    Alright, its time to attempt getting pair I've wanted for a while. I'm looking for a good condition Woodgrain Koston w/ hopefully the box, microfiber bag and pencil but I would consider otherwise. I just want the frame to be in great condition, lenses it doesn't matter. I know there is the asian...
  12. Frogskins

    "Poor Man's Koston"

    Woodgrain Asian Fit with Titanium Clear Iridium Really can't say I notice any difference with the fit Best thing I like about these ... they have a rough, grainy feeling ... like actual wood grain ...
  13. Funky-Trixtar

    Got The Koston Woodgrains Now....

    Bought these off of Fleabay.....should have got them when I saw them for eighty quid....
  14. chrisbron

    I'm back!

    Well, hello there! Some of you guys have been asking where I went and what I've been doing to my collection, well here's an update: 1) I finally completed the Koston series [Berrics unified, woodgrain & brown tortoise] 2) I got myself two nice Tater's [#14 & #10] 3) Got the...