1. F

    WTB Oakley balistic 3.7 shorts

    Looking for these pair of shorts in this colorway, looking for a Small or a Medium. Hopefully someone can help because they are nowhere to be found online. If you have any leads please get into contact with me. -Felix
  2. U

    Buying Piet x Oakley items (Beanie, t-shirts, long sleeve.. Skull items in general)

    Hello guys, As stated in the title, I am looking to buy any of the listed pieces above. If you happen to have to have any of these pieces (or can get ahold of them), I am interested!! WIsh everyone a good day 😌
  3. U

    Found WTB - Double Wide Aluminum Display Case - NORCAL

    Hello, I am looking for a aluminum double wide display case in the San Francisco Bay Area + a few hours drive. I've been looking around on craigslist and offerup, but haven't seen a aluminum double wide specifically. Looking for any condition really, but the more working and included the...
  4. U

    Found Single Juliet Left Side Orbital Frame only

    I am looking to buy a Juliet Orbital Frame only (left side) (as your looking at the glasses). I have a practice nose bridge already, and am looking to learn how to do the nose bridge pin insertion, and need the orbital frame next :) Condition can be anything, it’s only for practice - just need...
  5. U

    Buying Polished Juliet frame (tight nosebridge), mint condition. Lens optional

    Hello looking for polished juliet frame with the hammerstems. Would like the in 9/10 condition, with factory tight nosebridge. Lenses are optional, dont have to be included. Please let me know what you guys have, ship to southern california, USA. Thank you.
  6. FloridaMan

    My son wants my original Oakley t-wires

    I have come here to do more research and find a pair for him (2016 HS grad gift). I have owned mine for more than 20 years (first gen). I have been watching e-bay and it's just hard for me to tell real from fake, because everthing looks slightly different from mine - due to camera angles and...
  7. U

    Buying Looking for Jupiter Squared Woodgrain

    Hey peeps! I'm looking for the jupiter squared woodgrain for my wife. I thought I might get a better chance here then on the eBay. I found a unopened for $133 on ebay. Can anyone can offer me a better deal new or used? Let me, help you... put money in your pocket for your growing collection...
  8. U

    Buying Radarlock XL and Radar XL

    WTB: Radarlock XL - Complete pair incl. belonging lenses, microfiber bag and hard case. - Frame (frame only or frame including one or more lenses) - Two clear lenses - Jade Iridium lens - Photochromic lens - Yellow lens - Radarlock XL nose bridge (trade with pitch/path also possible) Radar XL -...
  9. kronin323

    WTB threads - should there be prices? Discussion...

    My purpose here isn't to make a suggestion on changing the forum or the rules, but merely to have a general discussion on what everybody thinks about this. (But I thought this section was the best place for it; mods please feel free to move it if you think it should be somewhere else...) The...