x-squared carbon

  1. QLR1

    X-Metal Number 2

    Let's go down memory lane to 2014: I tried on X-metal for the first time: What Oakleys Are You Wearing Today?? They were mostly aight. I HATED the X-Squared. Others were cool with the R1 being the best one. Then about 16 months later, the surprise happened. Royal Lion Museum Sunglass...
  2. SolarOracle

    XS Ducati

    Just got a deal on those XS Ducati 006001-09.. NIB
  3. U

    Sold Beast's consolidated X-Metal thread

    Prices below are shipped USA PP G&S, International pay for insured priority shipping. PM me for shipping quote 1) XS XM frame - $SOLD (pic 1) XS XM / Ruby warranty frame (no SKU) Frame 9/10 (minor scuff on left orbital, very hard to capture on pictures) Nosebridge factory tight Stems tight...