xmetals juliets

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    For Sale  SOLD- 1st Gen Juliet Serial# J119866 w/ Soft Vault

    So as much as I want to keep and restore these Juliets, as of last Wednesday my wife had to have emergency back surgery on a calcified bulging disk that was found on an MRI on Tuesday. As for right now she did live through the surgery, but is currently paralyzed from the waist down. The DRs say...
  2. U

    For Sale  X-Metal Juliet with Torch Iridium

    What I have here is a freshly refinished and tuned-up X-Metal Juliet frame (previously Carbon) by the @THE X-MAN that is mint. Torch Iridium lenses (proper base curve) were custom cut by @Chris A Hardaway These were assembled two weeks ago (when I realized XXs fit me better). Brand New Linegear...
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    Sold  INFINITE HERO JULIET LNIB price drop

    Here is an awesome pair of infinite hero juliets. Never worn, only displayed, but mostly just stored. There isn't a mark on the lenses or the frames. The box, bag and coin are included. I dont give a ten unless it's factory sealed . But these are that close. Frame- perfect 9/10 Lenses- perfect...
  4. iluvmyx

    Ear socks questions

    Ok. Ok. Don't laugh at me, but how t.h does one get those socks on and off?! I'm tired of sending them off to be done by a pro...
  5. Pospaintballer

    Juliet help

    i need to have my Juliets refurbished. What's a good contact for the x-man or someone else that I can send my glasses to for refinishing and tightening? I tried messaging the x-man from his website but I have received no reply.