xx beater

  1. U

    Buying  XX L/R orbitals -or- Trading for XX Frame

    There can't be that many spare sets of XX orbitals floating around, but if you have XX Orbitals in usable condition and would consider to sell em I'd be interested in them. If you have just a single XX orbital in decent condition also interested. Or, am willing to offer items in trade towards...
  2. xmetal40

    Customs by the Frog Man

    Shout out to @SoulFulFrog for precise color combinations for customizing both frames. Lens chop by @zwc0442 for the XX. I will allow the frog man to explain the Racing Jacket’s changing color scheme. It’s wicked!
  3. SolarOracle

    X Metal XX Collection

    Added 2 sets to my Collection Top: X-metal Frame + 24k iridium Bottom: X-metal XX + 24k iridium (Last Gen no serial with shiny orbitals)
  4. xmetal40

    How NOT to treat your XX!

    Just bought these off a local guy. Obviously I am an X-Metal collector, and value these glasses differently than most, but the following photographs represent a horror show. The flex cuppler rates at, oh, say a .5 out of 10. Left gasket...you be the judge. The lenses needed a...
  5. L5072

    XX trashed to this

    Since @X-Metal Beast posted the before pics of my XX's with his post, have to post follow up pics as well. Here is the finished work compliments of @THE X-MAN. Lenses are custom cuts from @Chris A Hardaway. Large nose bombs thanks to @stevepc74
  6. U

    Trading  24kxx for beater xx

    I have a first gen 24k xx in need of some love would like to trade for an xx in similar condition in any other colourway before I send this one for a refinnish and change it's look completely just wanted to see if anyone wanted to swap. looking to trade the frame only but open to options...