xx plasma

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    Deal  X-Metal XX Plasma for XM Penny

    Looking to trade this Mint Plasma XX with Matching Box for a Mint XM Penny in the same condition. PM for details Thanks J
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    Sold  XX Plasma/Ice

    Hi gang. For sale is a gorgeous pair of XX Plasma with original Ice lenses. Frame is perfect - still tight as new. Lenses are an easy 9.5/10. Comes with unmatched box in very good condition, extra rubber, coin, papers etc. Beautiful set! looking for $OLD obo shipped anywhere in NA. I would...
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    Deal  XX plasma with polarized emerald 8.75 curve

    Tuned and refinished by zach. This set feels brand new and has an amazing set of lenses. Asking 650$ plus shipping ( flat rate 20$ from japan to world ) Lenses have minor iridium scuff that can’t be seen while using. Nearly impossible to find emerald polarized! The xp serial is still slightly...
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    For Sale  XX Sale

    Hi Everyone, Price Dropped! I have the following XX for sale: 1. XX Plasma Ice Iridium serialized ($680) Frame: 9.5/10 - A small shiny spot at the nose bridge Lenses: 10/10 - Custom cut ice iridium 8.75 base curve Gaskets: 10/10 - Tight Rubbers: 10/10 - OEM ear socks 2. XX X Metal Sapphire...
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    Sold  X-Metal XX Plasma w/ Ice XP005592

    Hello OF Selling a Mint Serialized X-Metal XX Plasma with Ice lenses. Glasses were just refinished by @zwc0442 since arms had Patina. Nose bridge is tighter than factory. Temple arms and hinges are perfect. OEM rubbers are like new with no tackiness. OEM Ice lenses with purple hue have few...
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    For Sale  X-Metal XX Ice OEM Lenses

    Hello OF Decided to get rid of these beautiful OEM Ice lenses with Purple Hue These are the factory Ice Lenses not custom cut Originally came from a Plasma XX Frame so they are not new but in excellent condition! Right lens as few light micro scratches and left lens is almost flawless...
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    Deal  Plasma XX Serialized Frame Only

    Up for sale today is a Plasma XX Serialized Frame Frames is in excellent condition, nose bridge is as factory The left arm has discoloration so because of that I would rate 8/10 Comes with complete rubbers and gaskets / no lenses Perfect for a custom project SERIAL XP00XXXX Asking DEAL...
  8. Soulfulfrog

    Is it wrong or is it right.

    I know depending on trying to resell something it's best to keep things OEM for the most part unless the pair is in dire need of a refresh or facelift. I searched around for a while for an easier pair to polish and have customized. As in anodized or plated. I originally thought a 24k xx would...
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    Sold  XX Plasma - freshly tune

    XX Plasma for sale - frame is good. Small scratch on both upper orbitals, 8/10 - lenses: Oem ice, 7/10, some scratches but still good - rubber: Oem in good condition, TS small, Nosepad large - nose: just tune up It comes with a new white mf bag. 530$ OBO shipped. Thank you for looking. More...
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    Sold  Combo deal 2 complete XX frames plasma and xmetal $1000!

    Looking to sell as a combo only otherwise price changes!! First is my Plasma XX complete with box and coin but not matching with ice polarized lenses in mint condition! Second is a mint xmetal XX complete with box and coin but the box doesn’t have a serial number and it comes with prizm daily...
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    Sold  Ice Plasma XX complete with Free extra set of lenses! PRICE DROP!!

    I have FS a Like new plasma XX complete non-matching with like new polarized ice lenses with like new rubbers and the lenses were custom cut by the master @Chris A Hardaway, it's been tightened by the Xman!! Looking to get $750 shipped and paypalled Conus. International buyers PM for shipping...
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    Sold  Pit Boss 1 OEM Tungsten Polarized BNIB Lenses

    CONUS shipping please. These came directly from Oakley and not custom cut. Open to trade offers, especially if it involves XX or Romeo lenses and/or frames. Possibly consider an XS or R2 frame if they are not carbon. Own a PB1 frame/lenses/box that I could include within a larger trade if...
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    Traded  Plasma XX with 3 sets of lenses

    I have a mint condition plasma XX that I'm looking to sell so I can fund another project. It will come with the oem ice lenses in let's say 7/10 condition Violet polarized cut from big taco in mint condition so 9/10 Sapphire cut from turbine so not the oem curve also 9/10 The frame is in...
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    Sold  XX Plasma/ Ice box with coin (box and coin only)

    I have a box for a XX Plasma/ ice set with coin and foam. I just bought but don't need them they don't match the frame it came with. Looking to get $110 shipped and paypalled Conus
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    Traded  (EDIT) Two Xmetal R1's for a Plasma Fire R1 or XX Plasma or 1 R1 frame for metal echted fire lenses+

    I have two Xmetal R1's in very good condition that I'm looking to trade for either a plasma fire R1 or a XX plasma. The lenses don't have to be oem but I would prefer fire, ruby or maybe even ice but let me know what you have. I have several different lenses that they can come with so PM me...
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    For Sale  2 custom pairs of XX, 1 pair in X-Metal, 1 in Plasma.

    So first kiddo is coming soon and need to make some room in the nursery as its getting closer and there is a ton of stuff still to buy for our first . St Patrick's day is the due date . All three of these pairs are in BRAND NEW condition. The first X-Metal is a serialized frame , with Deep...